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Results of scan

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I am breathing a sigh of relief. Results from my husbands scan last week showed a bit more shrinkage on the liver mets. The largest met shrank 4mm and 2 others decreased , and two remain "stable." No mets to lungs. I look at it as good news. The onc says he is doing very well on this regimen. He is not a candidate for liver resection since there are five mets in both lobes, at least not at this time, but I still continue to hope he may be. I urged her to check with the surgeon we went to and she called him. He thinks rfa "may " be a possibility in a few months, but agrees that the chemo seems to be going well and to wait a few mos. The onc is reluctant because he's on a "clinical trial" ( I believe he could have xeloda, avastin and oxal without being on the trial after rfa since they are fda approved)and says he would have to quit the trial. I'll argue that point with her when we get there. She believes rfa doesn't prolong survival. I disagree with that statement as I've read posts from many here to the contrary and I told her that. In any event, we agreed to stay with the treatment for a few more months,(we'll see what the next scan brings)and then get another opinion on surgery/rfa etc. Thank you all for your prayers and support and well wishes. You all are what gives me hope.

God Bless

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Diane, Sounds like good news. Congrats.

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Diane, sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I am happy for you. I hope the mets continue to shrink and in a few months you will have even better news. I hope you can concentrate on your good news and try to enjoy the next few months without stressing about it. My prayers are always with you!


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Hi Diane - I participated in a clinical trial for Erbitux. I began treatment with 9 lesions over both lobes of my liver, with a significant (> 2.5 cm) one in each lobe. The smaller ones resolved with 5 months of FOLFOX & Erbitux. I then had a colectomy to remove the colon tumor and RF Ablation on the two liver tumors. I have been NED since mid August 2006. I think you should consider a second opinion on ablation and possibly even surgery as time goes on. I know the waiting is tough, but if he is responding well to the chemo, you should go with that. I also wanted to mention that I was removed from the clinical trial when I had the surgery, as that was a condition of participation. I did however, continue to receive the Erbitux for an additional 5 months following the surgery. My point is that receiving the Erbitux was not dependent on continuing with the trial. Please feel free to email me if you want to discuss in more detail.

Lastly, the statement that RF Ablation doesn't prolong survival just doesn't tell the full story. At this point the survival rates associated with any treatment combined with Avastin or Erbitux won't be known for several years at best, but we know they are getting better. One would think this would also increase the effectiveness of ablation as well. My opinion is that anything that buys more time increases the chances of survival, and ablation could do just that.


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Thanks Eben- I wholeheartedly agree with you. Yes, we will seek a second opinion on the ablation /surgery and if need be a third. We will continue with the chemo regimen for a bit longer to see what happens as this is "only after treatment #4" and since he's doing well on it, but I agree that ablative or surgical procedures if possible would be of tremondous benefit. Thanks for the encouragement. This is why you all are the best and my heroes. God Bless


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Diane, that is good news you reeived. there are some positive suggestions also. Celebrate even the smalest hurdles that are overcome.

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Hi Diane,
Good news on the results.
I've recently had RFA to eliminate a single recurrent liver met. I'd definitely get a second opinion on it, from a good liver surgeon with RFA experience. When I was first diagnosed stage 4 in 2004 my oncologist said I wouldn't be a candidate for liver resection because there were "multiple mets" 3. Fortunately the liver surgeon disagreed. The mets were in one lobe and it worked out well.
Keep on hoping!!

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Thank you all and God Bless you all. You are all a big part of what keeps us positive and what gives me strength. The world would be a much better place if more people were supportive of eachother all the time! God Bless.

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