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Hey girl...
Just read an article from Sept. 06 in the Readers Digest that you wrote...Good that you are spreading the word about getting colonoscopies before you are 50...Who knows how many lives you saved....On my side...all my aunts/uncles have had one in the last year....

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Wonderful, my dear! This is the point of some of we 'big mouths' getting the cancer not mentioned in polite society...heeheee...WE DO, and constantly laugh about "Can YOU say Rectum???" lol!

MY yearly colonoscopy was just scheduled for July 3....can we say Don Jose Margarita Mix and Antonio Banderas!!!!!!!

Hugs, kathi

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I prefer Puss and Boots..........

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...one 'cool cat'....lol

Hugs, Kathi

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