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Post Surgery Update on Dad

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Surgery went well yesterday. They were only able to do about half laproscopically the rest had to be done old way. No need for colostomy which was great news. Dr said everything looked good as far as he could see. But we all know we we need the path report to tell us what's what(about 10 days he said) and Dad needs to go to his office to get results. I am feeling very bad for him because yesterday after surgery he began to cry and couldn't stop. He told us he was positive that they would go in and find the cancer everywhere (which is what happened with my Grandfather in October 2006-he died Feb 24 of this year). He told us he has been upset about this all along and wouldn't worry anyone. I too have had cancer, melanoma in 2001 and I understand the fear, but I know its not good to bottle it up. I have told him he needs to come here and share his concerns. It is very healthy to vent. We have also found out that he had a very bad night. He was given an epidural for pain and it didn't work. He was also given a PCA pump which he used and got no relief from. He was told that until the nurse could reach the dr she could not change anything so he sat in pain all night. I am hoping that its only up from here. Someone had said day 3 is the worst. Is that correct? Thanks again for everything. PS I am for the first time doing the relay for life. I started a team in January for my Grandfather (and now my Father) who had colon cancer and I want you to know that I will be thinking of all of you. I pray we can finally put an end to this horrible disease.

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Thanks for the news!

I'm sorry that dad was not comfortable about sharing his worries...I agree, he needs to come here...we don't mind venting at all....

I HATE it when I hear pain stories like this IN A HOSPITAL, no less....Talk with dad's doc today about what happened....ask him to write orders for something else on a 'stand-by' basis so that if the day stuff doesn't work, the nurse will have a fallback, and your dad won't have to suffer...sheesh!!!!

My day 2 and part of 3 were the worst...but I never had unmanagable pain....who knows why....day 2 was spent being sick to my stomach...all I remember was commenting on what a pretty color of green it all was...lol!

Day 3 I was dc'd from the epidural, cause it wasn't working, AND leaking out...all over my back was a rash...sigh...

Is someone with dad? Can someone be? I always try to stay with 'just out of surgery' people overnight, monitoring everything...I can go OUT to the nurses' station and handle things....something the patient can't do....lol

Hugs for Relay! I attend at least 5 a year, if nothing more, I walk the survivor's lap....Luminaria at night is a very moving experience!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks for the reply Kathi,
We are staying as much as allowed. Today they are only allowing 10 min visits as he has not slept in over 48 hrs. They suspect that he may have moved too much and re-directed the epidural. They are giving him something else and now he seems to be comfortable. My Father is in a constant care room. He has a nurse in the room with him so we are not allowed to stay. He will be in that room for 3 days. Then he will move to a regular room where we will have more flexability. He is only allowed 10 min visits by 2 people at a time. Immed family only.
As for the relay. My Dad is hoping to be able to walk the first lap. It is June 15th so its one month post surgery. I am hoping he can do it.

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For some reason I think nights are the worse time in the hospital. My care just wasn't as good as that during the day.
I'm sure your dad was scared to death before surgery. It wouldn't be normal if he wasn't.
You sound like someone who can be a great help to him. Sometimes though it helps to talk to a stranger who totally understands what you are going through, and this site can be great for that. At least someone has usually been throuh whatever you are experiencing and may know answers to your questions or at least where to find the answers.
Something to keep in mind is that he may feel you are going to read what he writes and could want privacy to vent and not burden you so discuss this with him.
Jo Ann

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Good Point, Thanks Jo Ann, I have already told him that if he would like his privacy I will not come to this site, as I was only coming to get advice for him.

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Am glad the surgery went well and he is on the recovery road. I'm sure it's a relief for he and you to have this part over. My husband's pca pump also malfunctioned when he had his surgery and all the medicine went in at once and the alarm went off for about 3 hrs before the anethesia doc came in and reset it in the am . The nurses couldn't touch it. I was major irritated as he got no sleep that nite and let them know my thoughts (in no uncertain terms) the next day lol.
Good luck to your Dad. God bless for smooth sailing for the rest of this journey.

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