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Issels treatment

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Is anyone familiar with the Issels treatment being done at the Issels Medical Center? There was a testimonial at their website www.issels.com by a CSN member. If you check it out, please let me know what you think. Thanks!!

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Every time I hear of a new, cure-all, cancer treatment I research it on Google, using key words such as:
"Issels" "scam" "fraud"

I really worry about scammers making a buck off of sick people. Quite frankly, it infuriates me. Here's a link to what I thought was an unbiased article pertaining to the Issels treatment:



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Thanks for the informative article Monique. You really have to be careful I'm starting to see. Onward and upward!!

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Unfortunately, there are many people in this world out to make money...at everybody's expense!!!!

I used the 3-pronge approach for my treatment...traditional (chemo, rads, surgery), nutritional, and my 'woo-woo'...spiritual and ATTITUDE!

But, we must keep vigilant and keep searching...we owe it to all yet to be diagnosed...

I am forever grateful to those pioneers who actually allowed mustard gas to be used on themselves as treatment!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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My uncle, who in the last decade has been diagnosed with both lung cancer and prostate cancer, also used the three pronged approach, to great success. And I totally agree that we must be vigilent in investigating all avenues. Absolutely.

Sadly, I'm lacking in the "woo-woo" department, as I'm not a very spiritual person, although, now that I think about it, a friend once commented that I was the most spiritual atheist she knew. So maybe I am a little "woo-woo"?

Just to let you know, I've always admired your incredible attitude Kathy.


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Hi -

I'm not at all opposed to alternative / complementary treatments. However, when a "hospital" web site won't give specifics of their treatment unless you fill out a web form, it raises a red flag for me. I think any legitimate treatment source is willing to describe the scientific (or TCM or whatever) details / theory behind their treatment.

When you have to fill out a form first, I worry.


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Hi Betsy,

I agree with you about the red flag regarding online forms, and I absolutely agree with you regarding alternative/complementary treatments.

Daily I take folic acid, Aspirin, Vitamin D, Calcium Magnesium (which appears to help with my lingering neuropathy) and Selenium. I also eat/juice a lot of fruits and vegetables and try to squeeze in six hours of moderate exercise weekly. Mind you, I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables, and exercised regularly before my diagnosis. However, I do know that when I was undergoing treatment my oncologist advised me that many alternative treatments (for instance St. John's wort) could interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Essiac tea, a staple for many, has been associated with increased risk of colon cancer.

While I respect the personal decisions that people make in regards to how they wish to treat themselves, I worry that some will ignore standard (though unpleasent) procedures such as surgery, which has proven very effective for many people.

Best wishes,


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Hello I would like to post my opinion if anyone is looking for an alternative treatment and is considering the issels treatment. My mother was had endstage gallbladder cancer and she was giving only 6 months to live and was in the hospice program. I was not ready to except that there's no other ways to save her and just watching her die slowly. I did my researchs for months n came across the issels treatment in Mexico and Santa Barbara. It high in cost but anything to save my mother I was willing to take the chance. Their websites and staffs are very convincing. They are a scam. You will be paying alot of money for some vitamins that can be bought from your local stores. During the treatment for my mother they did nothing but give her organic foods vitamins n alcupuncture there's also massages n hot spas as part of the treatment. Lots of blood being drawn as well. She was getting worse as days gone by. The doctors there will lie and convince you that her tumor markers are droping and the treatments working! It's a lie to cheat you your money so you can stay the whole three weeks which it is 6800 per week not including lodging. After the forth day of treatment my mother went unconscious and was taken to a hospital where she past away. When I contacted issels they were still telling me lies that she will be ok that it was just a part of the treatment that made her unconscious. An oncologist from the hospital contacted issels and informed them of the news that my mother past away and why would they give false hopes to us. Issels statement was that they were going to just recommend hospice and there's was nothing they can do to save my mother. That's a lie as well!! The doctors at issels are fake they lie to get your money and send your love ones away from you that's all. They are not real ongologist doctors and don't know anything about cancer. PleAse take my lesson and do not be a victim of a brutal scams. All the survivors on the websites are all dead.
I'll keep all the people that are battling cancers in my thoughts and prayers. May the lord be with all of you and spend as much time as you can with Simeon you love if he or she is battling this evil disease.

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Thank you so much for your post. I called the Santa Barbara number, was put on the alert just by the phone call. I wonder if they are related to the clinic in Mexico were the Max Factor
heir was apparently healed from his cancer. "oasis of hope"? It's amazing to hear of all the scams...it makes it hard to make clear/educated choices with alternative therapies. I believe that the body can heal itself, if given the right environment. In todays world, that life style is hard to achieve. I once read a parable regarding alternative medicine " If your house is on fire and the fire dept is spraying water on the front of the house, but your disgruntled neighbor is pooring gas on the back"..........it's not going to do much good. It's all or nothing, but worth a try...Hard work pays off.

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the "chatbot" technology has gotten so good that there are forums that have devolved into nothing but chatbots talking back and forth.  And apparently they get very touchy about religion...



Hey...look at that.  Clicky link!  Thanks, Tony.

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were all just chatbots...Surprised

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The Issels treatment seems a lot like Gerson treatment.   New Hope in Phoenix,  may be a good choice.  They also have funding to help those that can not afford New Hope.  There is a Gerson Treatment center in Sedona AZ, and one is Tijuana.

Cancer Centers of America is not far off Gerson.  All of the above are about $3,800 a week and recomend 2 weeks.  CCA and New Hope also take Health Insurance to help ease the expense.


I chose to add juicing and Healthy eating to my life style.  I started on the Zone and now have more of a Med Diet. (very similar diets with a small change.)   I added MilkThistle, Missel Toe, Vit D, Vit B to my daily routine. (Recommended to me by Dr. Lenz USC)


Good Luck with you choice!  Keep in touch and let everyone know how you are doing.


Best Always,  mike 

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