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Intelligent Therapy

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Hi - just wanted to let you all know that I will be travelling to South America to discuss the possiblity of intelligent therapy as an alternative treatment for me. Intelligent therapy works on the premise that each one's DNA profile is different therefore requires individualized treatment. The therapy is also reputed to have 'no' side effects. I will definitely keep in touch and update you over the next few weeks. Monica

This is a good article to describe intelligent therapy http://www.liv.ac.uk/researchintelligence/issue2/cancer.html

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Another wonderful brave explorer!!!!!

I am so happy for you and am thrilled you have found an option you feel great about. I think that is half the battle. We have to be confident with whatever path we choose to take.

Please keep us posted and I wish and will pray for you to be healthy as heck very soon.

Lisa P.

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We hope all goes well for you. Please keep us informed and educated on this therapy.


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Monica, this is great you are doing this. what an interesting article. The transfer factor is what i am doing and it is similar. They tested my protien and developed a vaccine to stop new tumor gtrowth. So far so good, nothing new. They then tested my protiens with avaliable chemo drugs now to find the best responses. My oncologist said this is bunk as they have never been able to recreate the activity of tumor cells outside of the body. he says they do not react the same. ummmmmmmm o.k. but... he is willing to do it my way so that is positive. It appears your therapy is more inclusive in the discovery of drugs that may work so that is great. The testing of radiation and of new drugs not yet approved is pretty kewl. Please post how it went.

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PLEASE keep us posted....I read Limey's reply....I contend that it IS different in each body...everyones immune system (I REALLY think this is the key...) works differently...and this will be the answer....customized treatment. After all, we have customized cars, houses, even diets, why not this, too????

Seriously, it begs to have the question asked:
If all cancer is the same (in each of the categories..breast, colon, etc) then why does it react so differently to treatment in each body?

Hugs, Kathi

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Yes, Monica, please do keep us posted about this; I am very interested. And Limey, it's good to hear from you and that you are doing well.


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I just wanted to say sending good vibes for this treatment. No side effects sound wonderful! Like the others said keep us posted.

Lisa F.

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