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I have posted on this site before but never on the Cervical Cancer Board. Short history - my mother and grandmother both had ovarian cancer. My sister had a hysterectomy at 43 for "pre-cancerous changes on her ovary". I am 43 and get followed regularly with trans-vaginal ultrasound and CA-125. In November I had a hysteroscopy and D&C for a thick endometrium and uterine polyps. Pathology came back benign.

I'm tired of thinking about my risk and began researching genetic testing. My family history (which also includes 3 uncles with colon cancer) suggests a risk for HNPCC. There are no surviving relatives with cancer to test so I can only assume I'm at risk. I decided to have a prophylactic hysterectomy to avoid the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.

Fast forward to today. My GYN called me to tell me the insurance company denied my surgery. And that my latest pap shows dysplasia. (No, I didn't ask any questions about how much dysplasia.) I've never had an abnormal pap before and I am faithful about getting them done. So, I go for a colposcopy on May 8.

I guess I'm just looking for reassurance here. I'm so tired of dealing with my reproductive organs. I forgot to mention I'm not having periods anymore so they are not doing me any good. I just want them gone so I don't have to think about them anymore.

So, what are the odds that this is just an infection or something else? Somebody tell me something good. Thanks!

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I'm sorry you are going through this emotional challenge. It is so hard not to worry about these things. I have a personal web page "Christina's Cervical Cancer Corner" on this site, so I won't retype all the details that you can read there. I am a 5 year cervical cancer survivor. I have never had an abnormal Pap test - even when I had a really bad cervical cancer, spread to the lymph system. This was because my cancer was adenocarcinoma - cells further up the cervix, often not picked up on a Pap. My first abnormal Pap was 6 months ago (slight change). It was back to normal a couple of months later. So, I figure I had an infection or something. I don't know if there are statistics on how many abnormal Pap tests are due to infections and not cancer. I don't think we can go by statistics though (they are for the overall picture, not for individuals). I hope your tests go well for you. If anything is wrong, it sounds like you will have caught it early by being so active in your medical care. Let us know how you go on.


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