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Mom has scan today

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My mom is having a PET/CT scan today. Her last one was at the end of January and it showed progession. She has two mets, one on each adrenal gland. She decided not to do further chemo and instead she recieved Cyberknife treatments to both adrenal glands. The Cyberknife treatment was 4 weeks ago. She has been off all chemo for almost 3 months. The Cyberknife docs think it is a little too early to do a scan and see any results, but because she has been of chemo for three months while having active disease her regular onc thinks we better check NOW! Please keep my mom and my family in your prayers today for a GREAT scan. Of course, we won't get the results until sometime next week. We are also headed to Denver next week to see an oncologist that we saw last fall. He seems a little better at thinking outside of the box so to speak.
You all are a great support system for me and I thank each of you for that.
God bless-

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Prayers and positive thoughts for your Mom are being sent from Atlanta, GA. Please keep us posted!

All the best~

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Valerie -

I am wishing your Mom the best - keep us posted.


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Tell your mom hello from us, and we send prayers her way.
Jo Ann

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Keeping almost everything crossed for your mom today...

I didn't cross my legs, cuz where I come from that just ain't manly

And I dinnu cross my eyes, neither, cuz my maw says they'll get stuck like that

But purty much everything else is all crossed-up fer yer mom.


- Bob

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I'm sure that YOU could cross your legs and still be manly. Anyone who has scopes(plural) can pretty much do anything they want! But, you are RIGHT about your eyes, I tell my boys that all the time! HE-HE! Just found out that we will be seeing the onc in Denver on the 17th. So, we will get the results from scans then. And yes, I expect you to keep EVERYTHING crossed until then!
God bless-
P.S. Have fun at your party.

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Hi Valerie,I will praying for sure that your Mom scan is good,both of you deserve some good news. Lots of hugs

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Best wishes for your Mom and GREAT scan results. God Bless

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Your mother is in my prayers along with the rest of your family. Will be waiting to hear the good news when you get the results back!!!


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Valerie: Prayers for you and your mom are on the way. Monica

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