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Dizzy spells...

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What would cause dizzy spells? my meds? drop in the barometer? full moon? (HAHAHAA) I am going to the doc this tues but it just bewilders me..why now?


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Me, too!!!!!
My PCP is testing blood levels, perscribed Antivert in the mean time...I have sweats and chills, so he is testing for an infection somewhere.

Could be stress, or Tamoxifen, or......
When I find out, I'll share...please share, too!
(Mine started after spreading my daughter's ashes last Saturday...we think that may be something...)
Hugs, Kathi

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What kind of dizzy spells? Do you feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly (postural hypotension) - can be helped by drinking more -water that is...LOL. Or do you just feel dizzy at odd times. Sometimes I kind of space out, but I think I have always done that. I just notice it now. Hope you both feel better soon.



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Me, three! And I have chills like Kathi, too. The sweats I have seem to be associated with my hot flashes, so I don't really count those. But the dizzy spells can be a little worrisome. Mine aren't linked to standing up too fast; they just come sporadically. And, like Kathi, my PCP is testing blood levels and doing some endocrine system checks. Do let us know what your doctor has to say.

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WEll, my internist said it was from my meds since it wasn't ALL the time, my symptoms were not vertigo related. Weird! but see my handsome onc in May. :)


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Mine is not blood level related...all checked out ok....
DID have a rather NASTY aura episode this morning...everything looked like tiny prisms....after that, a feeling of released pressure in my....wait for it.....left sinus....hummmmmm I am going to try some anti-inflamitant....

Hugs, kathi

P.S. my PCP referred me to an eye doctor...sigh...

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Stress and vertigo go hand in hand. AFTER MY ALL CLEAR which should have been the happiest time. But no I het hit with depression..Paxil and then worsenig vertigo. Had MRI of the brain all clear. Some problem with left ear which I will find out Nov 26. MEDS aren't much help.So we will see. But I believe there all related

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5 yr old thread.

If you have questions about something - usually get more replies by starting a new thread about them.

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There are treatments for vertigo. There are medications like Valium and Meclizine that can help with the dizziness, antinauseous meds, and physical therapy. I have had severe vertigo since the 90's. I have even passed out waiting to be admitted to the ER from the stress of my head spinning. Boy did I get in fast, head of the line for me. I woke in a bed with all kinds of staff around me.
Once you find a good doctor you can figure out what works for you.

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