Angiotensin shrinks tumors in Mice

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So I’m fairly new to looking into mice studies or really any studies for that matter, but this one seems really interesting. My dad has high blood pressure and he takes Diovan for it(I think). I’ve been trying to convince him to switch over to an Ace inhibitor drug, and I think he’s a bit weary because my sister told him a possible side effect is coughing --- BUT he already has a cough and this study is really promising for mice. I mean, is there any harm in trying it? Any thoughts on this study?


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    Oops....forgot to put a link to the article about it....
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    Oops....forgot to put a link to the article about it....

    The way I figure it, when all options have been pursued and nothing works, go for broke. You have nothing to lose otherwise but resigning to an inevitable fate. Keep fighting as much as possible.

    There are always side effects, and sometimes, they don't present themselves. I have to confess I was worried about Avastin because of all that I read of its side effects - a few that can be severe. But several people here have related that it hasn't been bad for them. Indeed, my mom has responded fine to it. Her blood pressure did spike up immediately after the infusion but it goes back down gradually.

    To be honest, I haven't read the article yet, but I hope to eventually. I think you or your father can discuss the realistic chances of experiencing the side effects. The doctors often would tell us the precise odds.

    Good luck to your dad. And if he does take up angiotensin, keep us posted.