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more stress and worry

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Hi all. Firstly let me apologise for not responding to recent posts but the reason will become clear here. You will have read my recent posts on my daughters siezure a week ago and until 12th april when she is due for an MRI I have no more information. Mieka is doing ok for now and hopefully things will remain that way. However at 1.30am this morning I had Jen(my wife) admitted to hospital with excrutiating chest pains. At the time she was in my eyes in a lot of trouble....very scary. The outcome at the moment is that she may have an arterial constriction in a chest artery. Tests have shown it was unlikely she had a heart attack but a she will need a cardiogram to totally rule out heart problems. At the moment she is still in hospital and will stay there until there is no sign of pain. She is feeling ok as of tonight but still has some pain and is extremely fatigued.
So my friends the past week has been a worrying time. I know to our new friends this is not cancer related but many here know Jen personally and I am sure that we can ask you all for your prayers and thoughts.
Thank you....stay well and be safe all, huggs, Ross and Jen

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Be assured my friends that I will be back here participating as soon as I am able.....for now I need many hours of zzzzzzzz's......luv to yu all, Ross

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Thinking of you both and wishing Jen a speedy recovery

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Be strong, Ross. You are THEIR rock. My heart goes out to your family with hopes that everything will iron out.



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Hi Ross, I don't know Jen personally,but of course I know you both through this site, and is good that you let us know because we all are part of a big family, my heart goes to you ,so much worries and stress lately, I will be praying for all of you,and God allways listens.

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Oh, Ross....I regretfully share my 'modern day Job' crown with you!!!! I wish I could just make it go away for you....all of you have BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!!!!!!
I only can tell you one thing that is getting me through. I am super-sensative to my own body. When I do anything related to stress, I am VERY careful to watch the reaction, and find something to de-stress (a funny movie, a talk with a caring friend, sit in the jacuzzi, anything) when things get overwhelming.
Of course, I am sending my strong, healthly vibes to all of your family, but Jen in this moment especially. Please give her a hug for me.

My favorite hospital story...which you can pass on....
During my stay after the resection, I was on 2 rotations at a teaching hospital. Which meant everyday at least 10 doctors at different levels coming in to check my wound progress. I got into the habit of, once they cleared my roommate next to the door and had made eye contact with me, for anyone who was wearing scrubs or a doctor's coat I would pull down my covers, and up my gown. One afternoon (should have known...hehehehe...rounds are in the morning), a young man in scrubs came in, passed my roommate, made eye contact, so I went into my routine...His eyes got as big as saucers, and he said, in broken english..."No, no, no....I here clean bathroom".....I laughed until it hurt....and then some!!!!!

Hugs to you all,

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Sending prayers for you, Mieka, and Jen. I pray everything turns out O.K. for all of you. You sound like such a wonderful family and that is what will get you through all of these tough times.
God bless-

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Hi Ross: I really don't know why things like this happen, especially when you have already gone through so much. One thing I do know, your family is so strong and you will all pull through this. Just remember to also take care of yourself. Love to you, Jen and Mieka. Monica

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I'm so sorry that Jen isn't feeling well! I'm sending positive energy your way for a speedy recovery.
Take care,

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Gee Ross, your family is going through such a tough patch. My prayers are with you as always. Love and best wishes to Jen for a speedy recovery, you will not be far from my mind!

Hang in there Ross.

Love Virgina.

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My Gosh.... You have been tested way to many times this month...but as always you stay strong....Its just taht....we will keep on praying for u and your family....God bless

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Ross darling,

Please let Jen and Mieka know they are in my thoughts and prayers. AND give Jen a big ole hug from me.

Love, Lisa

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Bless your heart, all of you have been through a lot. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are one of the first posts I looked at when I joined this board...you gave me hope and encouragement. I hope we do the same for you!

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Ross -

Jenn and Mieka are in my thoughts. You've been through a tough time these last couple of weeks. I'l be thinking of you all.


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Ouch Ross and Jen. I am so sorry to hear about this. You guys have definitely had more than a fair share of worries and stress lately. This exact same thing happened to one of my bike buddies. On New Year's day this year he and I went on a bike ride. He had to stop mid ride because he had chest pain. Turned out he had 2 arteries 90% plugged up. He had some stents installed and now he's looking and feeling better than he had for a long time. Sounds like Jen is in good hands in the hospital and I think the world about Australia's medical system and national health care program. I wish Jen the best of luck with her treatments, I am sure you two will back on your bikes again, soon!

Good luck to you both and I am still sending healing vibes to Mieka as well.


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G'day Ross and Jen,
Best wishes for Miekas results(12 Apr they are taking their time aren't they?) I'll bet you a million that Jen's problems are stress related. What with the constant background of your ca, work and now your daughter, it must have an impact on both yours and Jens health. With a bit of luck there will be no major problems with either of your ladies.
It really highlights what I've always maintained ,sure we have to survive cancer,but we have to also survive survival.
All the best mate,hang tough,Ron.

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Ross, am sorry to hear this news. You've been through so much in the recent weeks . Everyone is wishing you good thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith. God Bless and wishing Jen & Mieka positive outcomes and speedy recoveries .

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Thank you all for your prayers, best wishes and kind words. It is early the next morning since I posted this message and I am preparing to go to the hospital. I did not sleep real well last night but hopefully some good news today will help me sleep a little better. If Jen's pain has stopped they will probably let her come home with me. Then I will have to treat her like royalty for a while....payback you might say. Mieka returned to work yesterday but was upset when I told her about her mum. Her work supervisor was actually amazed she showed up and immediately told her to go home and rest for 2 days when she found out Mieka had a mum in hospital. The staff at Woolworth(where Mieka works) have been really supportive and wonderfull as have the sytaff where Jen works. So great to know both of them work in supportive businesses.
Thank you Kathi for trying to help me smile today. To all of you know that Jen and I sincerely know that your support comes from the heart. Must go now....so much to do. HUGGS TO YOU ALL, Ross and Jen

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i am so sorry to hear of your worries.
i know my son had a seizure about 9 years ago has add. than this past dec he started to bleed from his rectum, he has clotiis. i know we think the worst it's normal but be strong mate. sending prayers to you,jen and mieka.
be well
never,ever give up !!!!

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(((((((kanga & jen)))))))

Man, you guys are being put through the ringer!

Please send Jen my best and of course you are in my prayers!

peace, emily

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So sorry for all you've had to go through. It doesn't seem fair, and it isn't. We usually go through more stress and worry than really necessary; I'm sure everything will turn out okay. Your family is in my prayers!

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Oh my gosh.. Jen, and you, and mieka all have my thought and prayers. Geez. So much burden all at once. Thanks goodness you are an incredible support, because right now your family needs you. Just continue to be yourself and let all your women know that we are with them.

Keep us posted when you get some breaks.

love, jana

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Thank you once again to everyone here. Jen came home today and is feeling much better although she still has some residual muscle pain in the chest and is pretty tired. Of course she will be using me for slave labour for the next few days...but nothing unusually in that(belt, thump, whammo!...ouch...aw Jen!) Dx is still not entirely clear yet and Jen will see a specialist on the 27th april for a stress test and possibly an angiogram(she don't like that idea!) Nonetheless we have to get to the bottom of her problem and we won't really rest easy until that happens. Waitin' game as we all know....grrrr!
Jen has read your posts and wants me to convey her thanks to you all. There is without doubt much for us to be thankfull for and the greatest percentage of that thanks is directed from us to you all. I think we have one of the most wonderfull families and this board proves that unique fact.
Love to you all from down under, Ross and Jen

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I'm glad she is home and hope you both get the rest you need and a good report on your daughter's problem. Ross, take care of yourself as well as the rest of your family.


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Ross & Jen,
Sending you MANY MANY postive thoughts - I'm so sorry to hear this. You have all been through so much and just as you did in the past - you will get through this too! Keep us posted


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Dear ((((Ross)))),
Many postive thoughts and prayers coming your way for the three of you.
Hugs to (((Jen))), with prayers that this whole thing is quickly managed and soon behind you both.

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Just read your post, mate... Been AWOL again - wedding plans, moving plans, party plans...

Know that Meika, Jen and you are allin my thoughts and prayers. Drop a line if you need anything at all.

- Bob

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My prayers are with Jen please give her a big hug from me.

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