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Got CT scan results...

alta29 Member Posts: 435
edited March 2014 in Colorectal Cancer #1
here we go....1 tumor shrunk 1 mil and the other one grew 1 mil. Dr. said that he is not concern . Plans ??? finish my 12 cycle, have a pet scan and if everything is negative...SURGERY !!! and this is what I have been waiting for,,,,on the other hand CEA dropped again to...3.3....started at 7.8..so I am happy....Bunch of good news around here...its great !!!!!I do have a question...if my tumors are still there...why the Dr. said if Pet is negative will have surgery ???
God bless u all....


  • chynabear
    chynabear Member Posts: 481
    Sounds like good news to me.

    My thought regarding what the doctor said would be that sometimes tumors die but the tissue is still there. This has recently happened to a little boy I know going through kidney cancer. He was inoperable so they did pre-surgery chemo to shrink the tumors. While physically, they didn't look any different, they were actually dying off and they were able to go ahead with surgery Feb 14. Maybe this is the case for you too. I pray that you will have great PET results and that surgery is a go.
  • Kanort
    Kanort Member Posts: 1,272
    Wow, your CEA decreasing is wonderful and I think your scan results are as well. I bet the tumors are dying and the PET will show that.


  • hopefulone
    hopefulone Member Posts: 1,043
    good news! great!!!Wishing you a clear PET . Maybe they just want to remove them to be sure. However , I think that even if PET shows uptake and they shrunk enough, surgery is still a possibility. At least that is what we were told.? God Bless
  • betina61
    betina61 Member Posts: 642
    praying for a negative Pet,so that you could have the surgery, dropping in your cea are great news, keep your faith.