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I posted a couple of days ago regarding my temperature spiking in the afternoon and that I had an app't with my surgeon on Friday. He thinks I may have an abscess and has ordered a CT to see if there is a "pocket of pus" as he called it. But I can't get my CT until 3/22 so I'll start Monday on getting it sooner. He put me on 2 antibiotics which has helped my appetite but I'm still chilling, actually freezing, in the afternoon and evening. Temperature goes up to 102.8 at the highest.

Anyone ever had an abscess after surgery?


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I don't know much about what happens with an abcess. My dad had a C-Diff infection of the intestines shortly after his surgery. He had symptoms similar to yours. My dad's surgeon was away that week, and I had to push to talk to his colleague. The secretary kept trying to convince me that this is the normal healing process and that people my dad's age don't bounce back so quickly. I had to be very persistent in getting in touch with the doctor. Turned out my dad had this serious infection that needed to be treated right away. I think it is absurd to have to wait until March 22nd for a scan!!! In my opinion, you should get the CAT scan ASAP. Sounds like the antibiotics may be helping a little, but your doc needs to be on top of this until the abcess is taken care of. Hope you feel better soon.

God bless,


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I had an abcess the size of a grapefruit in my rectum and the treatment was to insert a drainage bag as well as antibiotics. I was actually hospitalized for about 5 days until the fever disappeared. Waiting till the 22nd sounds crazy to me too. I had high fever and chills that wouldn't go away, and also quite a bit of pain. I had a c-scan right away to determine the cause of the infection. Although being on antibiotics sounds like great idea, I would also push for an earlier c-scan. Please keep us posted. Monica

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I did...in my belly bottom....and it was also very painfull !!!! Antibiotics will take care of it..
Gob bless

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It's good that they have started you on antibiotics. It seems though, if an an abcess is being considered, that they would try to do the scan soon as often the best treatment is an incision and drainage. Keep after them.


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Its good you went to see the surgeon and he gave you antibiotics but I don't understand why they are having you wait so long for ct? Is it that they are "booked" or does the surgeon want it at a certain interval? In any event , I agree with you and the others, call them Monday and insist they they do it asap. Hope you feel better. Keep us posted. God Bless.

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By all means get the cat scan, but your afternoon and evening chills and fevers make me wonder if you are suffering from a urinary tract infection. Whenever I've had one my main symptom is the night chills and fever. Perhaps you can ask your doc for a simple urine test to rule that out.... just thinking out loud ....

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Thought I would inform you guys that the reason for the delay is the booking at the hospital and my dr is ordering urinary testing. This guy has been at this almost 30 years so I will trust his judgment on this one. The call to me regarding the ct was done last minute on Friday so I'm sure I'll hear more tomorrow.

I am better today but I know I still need the ct to check all this out.

Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate your time

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