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iron and colonoscopy

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Hi everyone I am schedule to have a colonoscopy next Weds. March 7,this will be the first after dx.and of course I read the instructions given to me for the preparation, but I don't know why I started looking for information from different site about that. In most of the instructions tells you to stop taking vitamins with iron or iron suplements,7 days before procedure, one of them says 4 days before, I do take iron suplement, today in the morning I had one tablet,so now I am worry that I will have to be re-scheduled, because this doctor is very busy, who knows when he will have an opening, but in his written instructions don't mention anything about iron, I am planning to call his office but I have to wait until Monday, I was wondering if any of you have something to tell me in the meanwhile. Thanks in advance.

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I have a colonoscopy scheduled for 3/27. My instructions say that one week prior I am to stop eating seeds, blood thinners, aspirin, ibuprofen, Iron tablets and vitamin E. I hope that helps...Mark

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What did the instructions from your doctor say about iron? If you don't take anymore you should be ok. Drink plenty of liquids from now until the procedure and that will help to clean everything out as well.


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Hi Dick, in my Dr. instructions iron is not mentioned only aspirin and vitamin c and e, anyway I stopped yesterday morning and that will be 4 days before colonoscopy.

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I had to stop taking aspirin about 5 days beofre my scope...if in doubt contact your doctor about it all...good luck...

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Hi Betina -

My doc's instructions say that 7 days before the procedure you should stop aspirin, iron and a few other supplements:

"Do not take any aspirin (including Ecotrin, Bufferin, and Anacin) as well as, iron or iron-containing vitamins; or herbal supplements like Ginseng, Gingko and Garlic."

I am sure he is being very conservative, but I would call the office to ask.

Take care (hopefully it is not a big issue),

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