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Liver enzyme tests

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Hello all. We just got word that my husbands liver enzymes are elevated. ALT is 220 and AST is 90. This has me very concerned, however the doctor says before we do anymore tests we will have him discontinue is Lipitor that he takes for high cholesterol. He also said it could be because of his FOLFOX chemo that he is taking. Has anyone else had this experience? Of course, I am worried about mets to the liver.

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Same thing happened to me..and of course I had the same thoughts...My onco told me that it has nothing to do with liver mets....My next blood test came back great !

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How is he feeling? When my liver enzymes went nuts, it was because my body could not take any more chemo; I had reaction after reaction. It might be good to have the bloodwork redone and talk to the doc. Allt he best to both of you - Maura

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my mother has high level enzymes from chemo pills and has now stopped taking them as doctors said it will damage the liver all they said that we just have to wait and see..what will happen next? i am really worried

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My liver counts became elevated when I was on FOLFOX. I didn't have mets to the liver. My oncologist reassured me that the liver counts have to become VERY elevated before they are really of concern. I can't remember the numbers he was talking about but you might want to ask your onc at what point he/she would become concerned. Best wishes.

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