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Its been 3 years!

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Hi there, I haven't posted in awhile but I come to read. Today is 3 years since my mother's diagnosis of Stage 3 rectal cancer. I'm posting today for all the newbies, hoping I can shed some hope in your battles. My mother is feeling and looking great and has got clear scans since. She has one coming up at the end of this month actually. Today I called her to say "Happy March 2nd" as its a blessing that it was diagnosed, treated and cured!

Stay Strong,

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Be sure to remind your mom that we are ALL HAPPY FOR HER!!!! Best wishes for many many more "March 2nds" in her life!!!

You're such a good daughter! If my girls end up half as helpful as you are to your mom, I'll be one happy mom!


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It's always encouraging to hear news like that. My husband has stage 3 rectal cancer and we are just getting through the first few months of treatments. I can't wait until we can be 3 years and more with NED. Thanks and give your mom hugs!!!

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Julie,

Give my best to Mary and as always you are a awesome daughter.

Now I'm going to let the cat out of the bag. Julie and her husband Steve are expecting a their first baby later this year... Congratulations to you both.

With Love,
Lisa Rose

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You just have your finger on the pulse of every bit of good news!!!

Congrats Julie!!!! What a wonderful thing to happen to such a wonderful person!


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That's terrific Julie. Thanks for sharing such good news. Best wishes to your mom and you . God Bless

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Thanks for sharing this joyous news with us. Congratulations to your mom. And to you!!

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Hey Julie,
GREAT news, and so good to hear from you. Hugs to mom and big congrats to you and hubby; glad to hear life is good once again. Judy

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Julie...congratulations to your mother...way to go....I will be at the three year mark from surgery on April 13th..for colorectal cancer ...life is good....I am back working now and we lead a full active life...we sail quite a bit...and camp when we can....your mum is doing great...

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