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Prayers needed

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I just found out today that friends of ours who are 4 months pregnant have just found out their unborn baby has a tumour in his lungs. The hopes are that the tumour will not grow substantianlly over the next 10 weeks. The baby has a 60% of survival. I know this is not the site for lungs, but I believe there is no better place to go for support and prayers and good vibes. Monica

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Posts: 455
Joined: Nov 2006

By the way, the parents don't yet know if it is a girl or a boy, but let's just this little person Taylor's baby. Thanks everyone.

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prayers on their way!

peace, emily

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They are in my prayers. Pregnancy is hard enough without having to worry about something like that. Please keep us updated. I am praying for the best for all three of them.


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Monica -

Consider your friends and their baby prayed for.

- Bob

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They are in my prayers may God bless them. Situations like this make ours seem so trivial as we are now in our 50. My God grant them a long and happy life. In Gods name I pray.

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Being pregnant myself, I know the anxiety that comes with it and hoping that the baby will be born healthy. I can't imagine finding out that the baby has a tumor on its lung. I pray that God will give your friends the strength to get through this and that the baby will survive this.

God bless,


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Many prayers for the little one and her parents Monica. I'm sure they are so appreciative to have a good friend like you. Take care.

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It is hard to believe that they can already detect something so tiny. I will definitly say a prayer them and their baby. Jo Ann

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Prayers have been sent!
God bless-

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