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CEA is rising and I'm scared

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Hi all.....I had a three month check-up with my onc. on Monday. He called me yesterday to tell me that my CEA level was at 22! It was 6.2 when diagnosed last year, 3.5 during my chemo, and now 4 months after completing chemo it's at 22. I am so frightened! I have a colonoscopy scheduled for March 9, and now a CAT scan on March 11. I was diagnosed Stage III, and in the back of my mind I have thought that someday, it may come back, but not this soon! Has anyone else had this happen with negative results?


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Hi Mary -

I wish I could help - CEA has never been a good marker for me (always been very low even with biopsy proven metastatic disease). But, I am thinking of you and wishing you the best. Keep us posted, please and I'll be thinking of you that week.


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I', with Betsy my onc says my cea should read about 500 with the advancment of my disease but it has always read about 100.. but i wish you all trhe best TRY to think postive I know it's hard but please do try.. And keep us posted..


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Hi Mary,
Sorry your numbers are rising so soon. Mine went up a year ago, just 6 months after completing chemo. They also rose much higher than the first time and yes I did have a recurrance. I had 2 tumors (one in the left ovary and the other between the rectum and vagina). Both were surgically removed, I took 6 more months of chemo (FOLFIRI with Avastin) and am now NED again. It was scarry but I made it through without many problems and so if you are facing this, I hope you do as well as I have. Keep up your hope and think positively that it can be beat. You'll be in my prayers. Kandy

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I'm another one of those for whom CEA is not a good marker (mine was never elevated). And CEA is not the greatest of markers. You are doing the right thing by having the two tests. It is nerve-wracking but I try to focus on best case scenario - 'feed the faith, fight the fear'.

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Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. I have to get through these tests and wait for the results. I am so scared. The last year has been such a nightmare, and just as I was beginning to feel "normal" again, the whole thing is happening again. I am praying that it's not back, but a little voice inside is scaring me. I've been feeling good, everyone who sees me says I look so much better than I did last year at this time....It's such a shock to think that it might still be lurking somewhere in my body. I have a follow-up appointment on March 15....I guess that's "C" Day for me....I hope I can keep it together until then....The waiting and wondering is pure hell...


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