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recurrence questions

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In 2005, my wife was treated w/ radiation & chemo for 'squamus cloacogenic carcinoma'. Last fall, it was found to have recurred, and she had a colostomy. The recurrence was found when they went to treat a rectal fissure - it apparently did not show up on the CT scans she'd been having.

After the colostomy, they said that the pathology showed "microscopic cancer cells" in the lymph tissue. Her oncologist says to just continue "close monitoring" (CT scans, I think), and doesn't recommend any other treatment (chemo) at this time. Questions:

1. Does "microscopic cancer cells in the lymph tissue" imply anything particular? (Like, "expect another round of cancer", or "game over"?)

2. Is there any special value in getting a second opinion? Her sister is pushing this - she wants us to go to Sloan-Kettering. IMO, this would not likely be useful at this point - all they could do is look at the same pictures that the people here (Syracuse NY) are looking at. But, I could be wrong.


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I had anal cancer Oct 2004 and completed the standard treatment by Nov 2004 (Chemo-radiation) I then had a recurrence Oct 2006 and a colostomy. For me no lymph node involvement. I belong to another anal cancer survivor discusion site. There are more active postings and more information there. Give it a try, I'm sure someone there can answer your question. Yahoo Groups, anal_cancer, that is anal underscore cancer. Hope to see you there. All the best, Kim.

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