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have to start radiation in a month or so

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I have stage 4 colorectal with mets to liver and lungs with active cancer cells in some lyphnodes. I a PET scan done on Feb 27th. not much is better except no more ACTIVE cells in nodes YEAHHHHHH after 11 cycles on chemo. So my onco. wants to start rad. keep me on low dose chemo with rad for one month...How different am I going to feel with rad? what can I expect. I meet with the rad onco. on March 8th... a bit of a nervious reck. Didn't sleep much the last 3 days before my scan.. So HELP please..lol


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It depends upon where the radiation will be aimed. One thing you will have is fatigue. It won't start right away but you will probably notice it towards the end of the second week. If it is in the rectal area you will also develop a sore bottom. However it is tolerable but a real nuisance. Have you had any surgery yet or are they trying to shrink things down as much as possible before doing surgery?


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Haven't had any surgery yet, the rectal tumor is way to big to try and remove first. They were hoping that Avastin would shring or get rid of the tumtor , but it didn't make any difference at all.

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As Dick said it depends on the location.

I thought it was a walk in the park the first 3 weeks, then in week 4, WHAM! My bladder was on fire, I had to quit working and it was hard to walk, standing up caused my bladder to re-position and it was painful. It was like a bladder infection on steriods. Needless to say my aim hit the bladder.

It is hard to say what was worse, Chemo or Radiation?! They both felt so different.

Have you had surgery yet?! I was SO UNAWARE how the radiation was going to effect my body. I had a resection in October and I am still not healed, directly related to radiation and my midline incision is just now closing up in one spot. And my colorectal surgeon told me I may have cronic rectal discomfort for the rest of my life becuase of the radiation.

Just ask questions about how this will effect you. And perhaps you will not have the same effects I did.

God Bless,


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I had radiation before my first surgery. As many know, this is an attempt to shrink the tumor prior to surgery in order to make the surgery more successful. I got my rear zapped every morning @ 7:00, then off to work. No side effects. No tingling, no skin issues, no nothing. Man, am I boring, or what?!?!? They gave me a cream to use in the event that the skin began to crack, but never needed to use it. Again, location will be a huge factor. A friend of mine had radiation to her lungs and it made it rough to swallow food after a certain number of radiation sessions.

I have to say that I think you can get through this. Just look at how successful you are with NO MORE ACTIVE CELLS IN THE NODES!!! That is HUGE!

Use the power of positive thinking to help push you to success!!!


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my wife went through 6 weeks of radiation she was fine until about the 4th week when the burning discomfort began. Now 5 months later enteritis has set in so please consolut with Radiology Dr on precation and way to hepll avoid this. It has proven to be the worst part of all the treatment. it affects a small percentage of patients . but do all to prevent this.

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My experience (with radiation for rectal tumour) was similar to Vinny's. I had some fatigue (not too bad) which started after a couple of weeks. I had fairly bad "skin burn". The medical staff shd be able to recommend ways of dealing with this. I had sitz baths and special cream. I also had pretty bad diarrhea during the radiation. As you can see, there is a lot of individual variation. I hope you sail through it! And that it is very effective in shrinking that tumour!

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Sally...I may be a bit late in answering your post...I have had colorectal cancer stage three...I had twenty radiation treatments before surgery....I did end up with a sore bum from it...but that doesn't happen to everyone...guess it was the way mine was directed at me....you do not feel anything when they are giving you it...the only prob I had was one day I would have the trots and the next day constipation...if this happens make sure you have immodium and also senakot on hand in case you need them...prob doesn't happen to everyone but ask the techs at the clinic what to expect....

I also know a guy on the other side of Canada who had stage 4...and he is healthy and fit to-day...well into remission...he is a mriacle man...good luck

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