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Can't Stay Silent

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Joined: Dec 2006

This is ridiculous! We are all here either with cancer or a loved one with it.

I cannot not tell you how many back channel people are on this site afraid to write because they get ridiculed by people here. I know because they have written me.

You want to talk about negative energy, calling people names is 100% negative energy.

I strongly recommend you Watch "The Secret" the law of attraction. I am a STRONG Christian and some Christian's may have a problem with the movie, but it has a lot to say. I highly recommend it, especially those of us with cancer. One point it made was this, you want bad energy, and you will get it!

I love my oncologist; he is great and one of the best around. Do you guys want to know what, I am the first person at the age of 40 that has refused Chemo after surgery and he is in his 60's, in practice for some 25 years. WOW! Do you know what else, he has BEGGED me to do Chemo, he has had 3 of his nurses call me and beg me to do Chemo. You know what I loved; he called me Wednesday night at 8pm, joyous to tell me my CT was clear. I have thought about changing Oncologists, part of me wants to stay with him. I have a drive in me to show him other ways to beat this beast I guess. It is really hard to explain to you how I feel about further Chemo, I have absolutely no regrets. And I am going to attract a cancer free life, a whole life and a long life. Part of my drive comes from my father, 30 year survivor of Colon Cancer and 3 year survivor of Prostrate Cancer, all with NO CHEMO or RADIATION, in fact he wrote a book “how he survived.

If you chose Chemo, you have to believe that the Chemo will heal you, you have to believe that with all your heart and you know what it will.

“Western Doctors” have saved many lives, there is no denying that. But Western Doctors have a lot to learn when it comes to complimentary therapies and alternative therapies. It is very exciting that FDA is doing a clinical trial on IV Vit C for stage IV and MD Anderson is doing a clinical trial on Protease, which I am taking. These are HUGE steps, in my opinion.

Our attitudes and especially the attitudes of our caretakers have to be positive, not toxic. Read one of Bernie Siegel's books it is explained well!

I ran marathons before I was dx, and I will run one again in the future. You know running the marathon's I did was hardly physical, it was mental, so much more mental. Anyone can run/walk a marathon, you have to want to and if you want to with all your heart you will do it and finish.

Oh and yes I had Chemo before surgery, you can read my story on my webpage. But I was misdiagnosed, went through Carbo/Taxol and my tumor doubled during those 2 months, lost my hair and suffered horribly. So now I had a tumor that was double the size, I cried so hard in my oncologist office that day I found out. Then I went to radiation for 6 weeks, along with 5FU, the last 2-3 weeks I could barely walk, my bladder was on fire. I went into surgery with the tumor being the same size it was when I started, but they had to go in. One could be angry about all of this, I am not that angry, may sound strange. I had a complex case and it was a learning for everyone involved. If I were to dwell on the negative of what happened to me, I would kill myself. I choose life!

I know the Dixie Chicks are not ready to Make Nice, sorry could not resist, but we are ALL in the same boat, trying to survive this beast and we do need to Make Nice!
Thank you for letting me rant.

God Bless,


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Joined: Dec 2003

why stay silent? Or for that matter, why rant?I suppose that we all have our religious/philosophical/political leanings, but unless it has something to do with a survivor, caretaker or CSN volunteers & staff, why post it?
Because the "back channel lurkers" would be ridiculed? Sticks and stones I say, negative energy will starve here for want of sustenance..
unless we feed it..

Posts: 1048
Joined: Jan 2007

I sincerely hope you run another marathon in the near future. Being fairly new to this site, i've found it very helpful and I learn something new every day. I have researched and read extensively as I'm sure everyone has. I appreciate everyones views and opinions. At the end of the day, however, I must tell you that those who have helped me maintain my glimmer of hope are those who I admire most. Their spirit is inconquerable and it renews my spirit. Whether your totally for "eastern" or western" medicine or a little bit of both, makes no difference to me. Spirit and hope and encouragement go a long way to battle this "beast". For any who remain silent for fear of riducule, that's a shame!. You are fighting the biggest battle of your life and you are worried about what someone might say or call you? People, we are all in the same boat. Let's not sink it. God Bless you ALL .

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Posts: 455
Joined: Nov 2006

Liz: First of all, I think you should stick with your oncologist, for the simple reason that he seems to really care. You make the choices that you need for YOU, but it always helps to have all the facts in order to make and INFORMED decision. I admire people like you, Scouty and Emily who are so disciplined in your healing, and I know you have all taught me a thing or two about nutrition that I have now included in my own diet.

Cancer is an extremely scary word, and affects all of us differently. We can have our good days and our bad days and we post on this forum so that we can vent a little. The beauty is that there is always someone who can somehow make sense of our feelings because they went through exactly the same thing. Not only that, but from personal experience, translation sometimes gets lost when we are writing, and can sometimes lead to miscommunication.

You do what you need to do for YOU. You know your body better than anyone, including your doctor. And it seems you have tremendous support at home. I wish you the best. Monica

shmurciakova's picture
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Joined: Dec 2002

I for one support you. I think you are doing all the right things spiritually, physically, and mentally. I cannot recall your exact situation, but what folks on here need to realize is that they do have a choice about whether or not to do chemo and it is largely a matter of doing what you BELIEVE in. You are very brave to follow your own path, not everyone can do that. The thing that made me so angry about that other post was the implication that everyone will eventually have to resort to chemo in the end - that all of us are doomed to have a recurrence, even 10 years later. That is simply untrue. I know you already realize that, but I just thought I would chime in.

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