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Great news!

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Hi Everyone,
Well, yesterday was a big day for us. We had an appointment with my mom's onc to get blood work, port flush, and to discuss our decision that my mom would not do CPT 11 with erbitux. My mom's onc has always been a little doom and gloomish, which has been very hard. Yesterday, I sort of had to have it out with her. It has been coming for a long time. I won't go into details, but lets just say that I think I got my point across. Both my parent thanked me after the appointment because they said she DOES make them feel terrible and that she DOES really scare them with all her doom and gloom statistics. Anyhow, I told her that I had had my mom's records sent over to an onc in Boulder who specializes in Cyberknife therapy. My mom's onc said she did not believe that this guy would be able to help my mom. Need I say....DOOM AND GLOOM, again!! She did end the appointment on a good note. She said she really is there for my parents and will work with my mom on any treatment plan that my mom decides to do.

About 30 minutes after we got home to my parent's house, the assistant to the doc in Boulder called to say that all the doctors had reviewed my mom's case and that they all agreed that Cyberknife CAN help my mom!!!! For stage 4 disease this is not a cure, but they think they can kill the tumors on my mom's adrenal glands. Which right now, is the most important thing. We will cross the other bridges when and if we get there. We go for our first appointment on March 2nd. One week later they will place the fiducials, and one week after that she will start the treatments. I prayed so hard about this Cyberknife treatment and I do believe that if God closes one door, he will open another for you.

Thanks again for all your support!! I could NOT do this with out you all.
God bless-

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That's great news. Your mother is so lucky to have you there to keep pushing the providers and getting something done. Even if all the tumors can't be removed it does help to remove some of the tumor mass and that may make the other tumors more susceptible to whatever other treatment is done (whether it is naturopathic or chemo or both).


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Oh Valerie!!

I'm so glad that you got the second opinion. This is great to show others that this is always an option. Did you call the other onc back yet to tell her they think it is an option? I agree with not having an onc that is "doom and gloom". This disease is bad enough that your doctor should have some way to keep you going and not discourage the patient. Please keep us posted and I will be sending good vibes that this good news continues. HUGS.

Lisa F.

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that is terrific valerie . Leave no stone unturned. I wish your mom all the best.. I have to tell you I took my hubby to specialist today re liver mets.. his oncologist is not the most optimistic person either and a bit on the gloom/doom side, but this specialist, told us there may be several options down the road as in resection, rfa, cryosurgery, pump etc.and he seemed to be optimistic about it and that depending on how the chemo goes that he too recommends my hubby have, he's not closing out the other options and leaving them open. This , believe it or not, is the first real glimmer of hope or "optimism" that we've encountered with doctors and it makes a big difference. It just goes to show you it pays to be persistant and pursue every avenue.Keep the faith. Your mom will be in my prayers. God Bless!

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AMAZING news!! I will pray that cyberknife is the answer for your mom, and please keep us posted as it provides another option to help combat this disease. By the way, my onc reminds me of a mortician, so I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Monica

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Great job of putting the doctor in her place, Valerie! Also great news that they think the cyberknife will help your mom. Your mom is in my prayers.


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Good for you guys!!

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