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Colon cancer matas to liver

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My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to her liver and basically took it over...she is stage 4. She doesn't have tumors in her colon so i don't know why they diagnose it like that but her liver is the main place the cancer is controlling. She doesn't have any support group and hasn't talked to any cancer survivors so I thought this would help her. I will be reading everything on here to her.

She had 1 round of chemo and her cancer markers were starting to go down but then the cancer started to fight angainst it. The cancer has since gotten worse and is progressing daily. She has opted to try natural therapy since there is no hope at this point with chemo.

If there is anyone who is in a similar situation or can lend some words of encouragement or advice we would really appreciate it. Though we are diligently trying the natural therapy we just don't know if it's helping or where we stand. Thanks for taking the time to listen.

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Hi Nonna,

I'm so sorry your mom is going through this. She has stopped chemo all together or is changing the regime and doing natural? There are many here that have done chemo combined with natural treatments. There are also some here that have done just natural. I'm hoping that they chime in soon. HUGS and will keep mom in my thoughts.

Lisa F.

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Thank you!! She has stopped chemo all together. Back in May when she was diagnosed they told her she only had a couple months to live. 2 weeks later she was almost dead and chemo was the only thing we thought might save her...we were in a pantic. The chemo brought her back from death but at this point the doctors said if they give her another chemo it could give her another 6 months but there is no gaurantee of that and we'd be right back in this situation.

I am a firm believer in natural therapy but I just don't know that it will work at this point. The cancer is moving so quickly. The purpose of natural therapy is to remove all the toxins from the body and help rebuild naturally. If you are taking chemo at the same time you are putting poisin in while trying to remove it...it's defeating the purpose. Although people on chemo should be taking natural supplements to help their bodies & immune systems but most doctors frown upon that. We are just praying for enough time for our therpies to work. That is the one thing we can't control "the time" we have. Thanks again for your thoughts!

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Hi There,

I am so sorry to hear about your Mom but am glad you found us so we can provide support to her. I'm not sure I completely understand why she stopped chemo after only 1 round.

I was stage 4 with a met to my lung and at least 3 to my liver 3 years ago (I am now NED, no evidence of disease). I did chemo for 8 months as I watched my tumor marker counts go down. The chemo regime (there are many) I was on worked for a while but stopped BUT it did get the cancer to the point that alternatives/natural/a God made approach worked for me. If you want to know more, read my personal web page on this site.

I also wrote up a couple of pages of what and why I did what I did when I chose to stop chemo. If you are interested in them, send me your personal email address to my email here (do not post your email address).

It can be done, but you have to be smart and careful in how you fight the ******* cells.

Lisa P.

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Hi Nonna -

I am so sorry about your Mom, but could you give us more details about her treatment? What chemo did she have for 1 round and why did she quit? Chemo can get to you, for sure, but usually not after one cycle. Natural methods are great, but Stage IV is pretty serious (as you know) and there are many chemo alternatives. Let us know more and we can perhaps provide suggestions.

Meanwhile, I wish your Mom the best.

Betsy (one of the Stage IV survivors)

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I guess I am sort of confused. Did your mom ever have tumors in her colon that were removed?

Anyway, I think it's great that you are helping your mom out as much as you can. You remind me of myself. My dad was diagnosed in Dec. 05 (stage IV). He has done both chemo and alternatives. I am surprised that her chemo was stopped after only one round. Who decided that? Was that your mom's choice, or was it her doctor's choice? If it was the doctor's choice, I would go and get a second opinion from another doc. You may want to do that regardless. I do also recommend that you take your mom to a naturopathic doctor, who will be able to look at your mom's unique situation and recommend a regimen especially for her. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me through this site and I'll give you more info. about my dad. By the way, I don't know if you are religious or not, but in my own situation, I have turned to God many times and he has helped me through the rough times.

God bless you and your mom,


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hi nonna,

Would you like to hear about someone who did NO chemo for Stage IIII and ONLY natural methods and i am still alive and kickin' 5 1/2 years later? :-)

I watched my sister die of intestinal cancer when she was only 33 and I was 30. Knowing what I know and what I saw, I declined the chemo that was offered after my dx. I had no CEA so my onc would have had no way to know if the chemo was working or not. I was not about to take that chance. And here's why:

Kidney and/or heart damage
potential secondary cancers
potential luekemia
peripheral neuropathy

I knew someone personally who had cured her son's cancer (Stage 4) with juicing and supplements that they pumped directly into his stomach via a feeding tube. That little boy is alive today but is battling a fatal liver disease due to the chemo he had been given before he was sent home......much like the Anne Frahm story. (wonderful book by the way that I saw you read!).

No one in my immediate family had survived chemo and the treatment scared me MORE than the disease.

So I struck out on a different path and found one that has worked for me for these past 5 1/2 years.

Now, I am very curious what your mother's natural treatments consist of since I am always on the lookout for protocols. thankfully I had the support of my oncologist to "do my own thing" and he has watched with intrigue and has celebrated with me in its success.

My advice would be to stick to your guns if you feel strongly about what you are doing. And research like crazy and try many natural methods that have shown success. Believe in what you are doing. I did not believe in chemo for healing any residual cancer that may have been lurking (I had surgery) since it did not line up with my healing philosophy. I believe in boosting the immune system and not overloading it with toxins in an already compromised position. I believed in starving the cancer rather than feeding it (with sugars and refined foods) and creating an alkaline environment in my tissue since cancer likes acid pH and cannot live in alkaline pH. Juicing fresh organic veggies can balance your pH and flood your system with live enzymes that repair and rejuventate tissues.

There are no guarantees in life but I sure feel great and will never suffer from any of the above problems that I listed.

I wish you all the best with your mother.

peace, emily the juice chick

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Hi Nonna, I've sent you an email. I'll let you know more after tuesday's visit with surgical oncologist. Whatever you and your mom decide, do not give up. Keep fighting and explore all options. Ask her doctor, if the liver pump would be of any benefit since it's mainly in the liver (no other mets elsewhere?) rather than systemic chemo only.

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Hi Nonna, Please tell your mom to hang in there. I am 39 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at 31. There are more options for treatment and procedures now than ever before with more coming around each day. I had innumerable tumors throughout both lobes of my liver and had remarkable response with SIR-Spheres. If she no longer wants to do chemo or is no longer responding, if RFA and resection or not possible, you might look into Sir-spheres at www.sirtex.com or www.y90support.org. Don't give up and keep looking for hope. It's sometimes lurking in the least expected of places. There are so many people on this list that have wonderful stories and great advice. She'll find the support and encouragement that is needed. Hang in there, Suzanne

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Thanks everyone for the responses and advice. I'm sorry I haven't been on but I have just been so overwhelmed. So here is a little more information.

My mom went in the hopital in May last year from constant pain in her stomach that was greatly increasing. The told her she would have to have her gallbladder removed but they wanted to do further testing because there was something suspicious with her liver. After doing a biopsy on tumors they found in her liver it came back as cancer. We met with an oncologist who said it was a very aggressive cancer and she probably only had a couple months and that if she did chemo (which probably wouldn't help much) it might give her a year tops. After a few days she was full blow yellow and extremely sick. It's funny how cancer doesn't reveal itself until you find it. Within a week she was in the hospital clinging to life and they sent her home on hospice and gave her a couple weeks to live.

They didn't give us much hope so we asked for a second opinion (a different dr. within Kaiser cause they won't give you referrals to outside sources). The new doctor said there is no reason to accept that. She is young and there is no reason to throw in the towel. He said he was confident that the 6 month chemo treatment would shrink down her tumors (she had 3 in her lung as well). Well the chemo did great to bring her back to life and we thought it was helping. By the 5th month the cancer started to resist and grow stronger (but we did not know this yet).

They took her off chemo in Novemember. I had been researching since May and got really into natural therapy. I tried pleading my case with her and showed her her options (but I wasn't the one with cancer). She was scared to try because as Americans we are used to Western Medicine. It's safer going with what you know even if its poisin then to try something unknown. Plus, her doctors were against it and kept telling her that she couldn't try this or that cause it would interfere with her treatments. So it was almost 2 months later (late January) and she hadn't had any chemo treatments, natural therapy or even been able to get in to see her doctor. They had to do a catscan 1st to see where she was so they could decide on a treatment. Like I said before...cancer doesn't wear a watch. So I was deathly afraid that her cancer was coming back full force.

When we finally got in to see her doctor he made my fears a reality. He said it was right back where we started. He said they could do another round of chemo and see what happens. He was trying to make things sound hopeful but we wanted the facts. Only after intense questioning did he tell us that this chemo would never cure her...it might only prolong her life. In the stage her cancer was in and her present condition it might kill her faster but if we decided to do it it would only be a matter of time before her body gave up.

So where did this leave us?? She decided to try the natural therapy...but was it too late. That was january 30th. We went to a natural physician and started on a regemin. She was doing good for the first couple days with juicing, coffee enemas, Ion cleansing (foot bath) & natural supplements but she became very weak very quick. She couldn't keep anything down and was often too tired to get up and do her regemin. The last 4-5 days she hasn't really eaten anything. she hasn't been doing her cleansing and hasn't kept anything down. She pretty much just sleeps.

I am so confused and devestated. I can't even describe how I feel. I want to save her so bad but I don't know what to do. I can't force her to do anything. Although she has told me that she wants me to push her I just don't think she has it in her. I don't want to lose my mother. she is the only person in my life (besides my husband and son) and she is the most wonderful person I know. I know that she doesnt want to go and wants to fight for her life...I just don't know what I can do. I am a religious person and I have faith in God but I am very confused right now. I am constantly in prayer and searching for an answer. It is a horrible emotional rollercoaster and there is no way of knowing the right answer. I am just so desperate. I lay in bed at night crying myself to sleep praying, and eventually my prayers turn into begging and then somehow i wake the next morning not knowing how I even fell asleep.

I just got off the phone with her hospice nurse and asked her if chemo would be an option right now. She said that she is much sicker and weaker then last time and she doesn't think her body can handle it. Do I just accept that my mother is going home, that her time has come. How can I ever accept that. do I jsut give in and make her as comfortable as possible or do I fight to the very end...and how do I even fight?? I hope its ok that I writing all this and pouring my heart out. I've never broken down to people I don't even know. I am jsut sitting her crying and desperate foranswers that I will probably never get. thanks for listening.

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Nonna, I'm sorry , I'm still a little confused. It sounds like your Mom has primary liver cancer ? ( no mention of colon cancer) If so, try posting under the liver cancer category. You may get more replies. Also, do a new posting , it also may help getting more replies.I am so sorry that you and your mom are going thru all this. I had a similar experience with my Mom with a different illness where she spent the last 2 years of her life on a respirator and it was extremely difficult for me and of course you know of my husband's liver mets now so I truly do know about the devestation and confusion you feel. Please believe me that you WILL get through this difficult time, although you may not think so now . Count on other people for support and don't be afraid to ask for it. Prayers are with you and your mom. Do not give up hope, but remember that whatever decision you decide on , natural, chemo , no treatment, that ultimately it's in God's hands so any decision you come to will be the right one.It doesn't mean you give up the fight . Whatever the outcome, it will be God's will. I know this probably doesn't help a lot, but just know that I am praying for you and your mom. My heart really does go out to you. God Bless.

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