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On the lighter side-Keep your humor

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This has been my week.. 3 trips to hospital for hubby.. biopsies, port, scans,(of which nothing went smooth) an argument with insurance company, a 45 mile commute to work one way for one hour until they closed due to a 3 ft snowstorm here ( it took me an hour and half to get there and 2 hrs to get home) 7 hours of shoveling and snowblowing in one day ( my fingers are numb yet ) and my hubby insisted there was gas in the snowblower which I tried to start for 45 min, by pulling that rope thingy(and of course there wasn't! - yes I wish I had looked first and not taken his word lol!) and of course, there was no spare gas , "fighting" with my 100 lb female german shepard who is not used to peeing standing up in a foot of snow drifts or having "mom" take her outside in blizzard winds only to yell, "shadow poop!" And now I look out my window and the snow plow has plowed me in for the hundreth time in two days .Grrrr! I've still got a car in the driveway to dig out..( and I do mean dig out) a delayed Valentines Dinner to cook and since my washing machine froze due to the extreme cold in my hallway, a trip to the laundromat may be in order as well.. And life goes on. Ain't it grand. I hope you laugh! Enjoy your weekend and keep the faith !

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The snow has kept us on our toes this winter here in Colorado as well. I don't think that a week has gone by since Thanksgiving that we haven't had some snow. At least our roads are finally clearing up a bit and I can see some grass. Must be time for more snow, lol, It's down to about 2 feet in the backyard.

The only thing missing on your list is, "went to the grocery store only to find that they were out of groceries just like me." The good news that I saw is that the snowplow made it to your road :) Our neighbors all got out the 4-wheelers with plows to try to make tracks down our road before they were overwhelmed and stuck. It was 2 days before we had backhoes come and dig us out.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse :)

Hang in there and I'll be praying for warmer weather for you.

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Yes I did laugh! I guess the thing to say is at least you kept your sense of humor in all the mess. We had quite a bit of snow/ice in PA too. The yard is still so frozen that I can walk across it and not break through and NO I'm not a very small person. LOL. HUGS and it can only get better.

Lisa F.

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I'm glad you laughed. It was my intent. Yesterday the snowblower "quit" (of course)LOL. a hose clamp broke and it was leaking gas all over the place. We've managed to wire it back in place only to find out the spark plug also wasn't any good so we've replaced that . Unfortunately, I lost the screws I took out of the cover when I looked for the leak somewhere in the snow. I silently told God I was not finding my sense of humor and Lo & behold , I got it working again, got the car dug out and the dog taken out ( without much of a battle..I think she gave up and decided the battle wasn't worth it..when you gotta go you gotta go)!The washer has thawed , ( due to a hair dryer and portable radiator)... and I did make my valentines dinner. It was delicious..Martha Stewart move over , there's a new kid on the block . Tomorrows back to work and "rest" lol. I just looked out the window and it's snowing again!

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