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Update on my life...

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Joined: Sep 2006

It's been a long time since I posted but I could use some words of encouragement just now.

I was down to the 3rd chemo (Xeloda) and it didn't do much for me. Recent CT shows seven tumors in liver now and 2 somethings in pelvic are (1 appears partially fluid filled?) I am not really a candidate for surgery but we'll see. I am going back on Oxaliplat/leucovorin and 5FU bolus instead on 48-hr pump. I haven't had this since October 2005 so we are hoping my body will react to it again. I tried Erbitux and Vectabix but neither one did much for me. The good news is that we don't see signs of further spread (lungs are clear) but my CEA has gone up quite high. I have started taking Ave - the science behind it looks real and my Dr. said ok. I have been taking a beta-glucan supplement all along. It hasn't really affected the cancer but I have only had one cold since Jan. 05, never missed a treatment because white count was too low and never needed a shot for the white count. Even my oncologist thinks it helped.

I may have mentioned before that I lost my dad to colon cancer in 00, and my mom to possibly colon cancer on 05 (we had surgery 1 week apart). But now my sister had a bout with duodenal cancer. Luckily they caught it early and her surgery should be curative. She already had a colectomy followed a few years later by a J-pouch in order to attempt to avoid colon cancer. Bad genes for that in my family.

My dog is reacting to my new stress by eating inappropriate things. It cost $90.00 to have vomiting induced after she ate ~10 tea-light candles (she spit out the wicks and the metal holders). No more free roam of the house for her!

Anyway - if anyone feels up to sending some good thoughts my way, my sister's way and even my dog's way - it would be greatly appreciated. Any other good suggestions would be welcomed as well. Thanks for reading this far - it did make me feel better just writing it.

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Being the "mom" to a Great Pyrenees and Lhasa Apso, I couldn't resist offering a little ray of hope to your family (pup included!)

It sounds like there are so many things going on for you and your sister (and dog!) right now that things are crazy. I think by staying on top of detection and monitoring the things you already know, you are getting a good grasp of what challenges you will need to overcome. Also sounds like you and your sis got the genes from both sides working against you. But have faith! You are both still here and that is the first and most important step towards victory, right?!?!?

Do not be a stranger to this site. The support here can be enough to throw you right over the top into success.

Take each day as it comes. Some will be "conquer the world days" and others will be "lounge in pajamas days"....BOTH ARE ACCEPTABLE! (Unless you're like SpongeBob on this site and think he's Hugh Hefner lounging in a satin smoking jacket, but that's a story for another day!)

All my best,


Posts: 20
Joined: Jan 2007

Hi there,
It seems like you've certainly had your share of ups and downs. It does help to write, talk and vent about all of this...even about your dog. :-) I don't really have any words of wisdom that I can offer. What I do know is that the people on this board are truly amazing and that we all care about you. You have to hang in there and not give up. Sometimes when things look bleak, there's a light just around the corner, and if we shift our angle some, we'll be able to see it. Your friends here will always be behind you 100%. You definitely are in my prayers and good thoughts are on their way to you!

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Joined: Jan 2007

Sorry to hear of your situation. My hubby has similar situation with the mets to liver newly diagnosed and due to start chemo in couple weeks with the same therapy your going back on. The fluid somethings sound like maybe they could be cysts? Just remember that sometimes theres a big rainbow after a huge thunderstorm . Sending good thoughts and prayers your way . God Bless.

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Joined: Jan 2006

Isn't it amazing how our 4 legged friends pick up on our anxieties and worries, happiness and excitement? We have Noah's Ark at our house and there is never a shortage of animal emotion going on here! I'm sorry your doggie is stressed out in the midst of everything.

I'm sending you encouraging vibes and hope that your treatment goes well. One thing I've noticed is that no one has mentioned Sir-Spheres or Therasphere for their liver mets. I am also stage IV with liver, lung, and spinal mets. I underwent treatment with SIR-spheres two years ago and have had wonderful success with it. My liver tumors by 6 months had shrunk by 65% and I've had complete stability within the liver since. I would not be here without having had this procedure. Many oncologists still don't know about it....others may not be confident with it but there is a growing number of people who have had benefitted. In my case the tumors were innumerable throughout both lobes, I had been through every chemo available, and there were no other options.

Hope you are feeling better!! Hang in there, Suzanne

spongebob's picture
Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Ahoy Bean-o!

Sending lots of good vibes, joo-joo, and Karma your way and your sister's way, too.

Don't tell my cats I'm doing this, but - zap - there's some good vibes for your dog, too!

be well and post often.

- SpongeBob

lfondots63's picture
Posts: 822
Joined: Jan 2006

Hi Bean,

I'm so sorry that you are having such a rough time. Dog included. This time the folfox might do the trick. I'm sending good vibes that this is the case. I will keep you in my thoughts. HUGS to you and your sister.

Lisa F.

nanuk's picture
Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

in spite of the darkness, your humor shows up between the lines..next time your dog tries to eat the house, you might try salt on her tounge; it soesn't always work, but it has saved me a lot of vet bills over the years..
You have a real caretaker dog there..give her a cookie for me..and it sounds like your sis is out of the woods, but I'll send prayers. Bud

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