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just joining

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i only found out about my cancer in jan. of this year. i have been coming to this discussion board for a few days and reading the messages that you have been sending to each other. everyone cares so much about the other people. i really don't know what to think yet. my ca-125 counts are so much higher that any that i have seen on your messages and that scares me. i have two wonderful daughters, a beautiful granddaughter and a great husband that has been my best friend since we were 14 years old. i am very blessed. i really don't know what kinds of questions to ask my doctor and so much of the information read just scares me. i hope i have not rambled too much this is the first time i have ever entered a discussion room

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What you are feeling is very normal. We are all fearful even when our counts are good. What stage is your cancer, did you have surgery and have you started chemo? We can certainly help you with questions to ask your doctor. Especially the women that are in treatment now. I am a few years out so I am not as up to date on the latest chemo drugs etc... But I can certainly support you with prayers. Please let us know what questions you have and I know the ladies here will love to help. Take care.

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my doctor says that my cancer is at least level 3 but i won't have surgery until 3 to 6 cycles of chemo. i have had two chemo treatments so far.

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Welcome Kathie....to the club that no one wants to join!!! Yes the ladies here are wonderfula and will help as much as they can. I'm currently on chemo for my second recurrence since dx. 11/04..Everyone here is really great. Please don't worry alot about your numbers..it just means that your ca-125 is very sensitive, and is a accurate device for knowing the amount of disease. My ca-125 barely rises, and is not an indicator of how much disease is present, I am also a stage 3c. Once you have the debulking surgery that number will come tumbling down!!!! Sending prayers and (((hugz))) to you...Joanne

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Welcome Kathy, so sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. How high is your ca125? Mine was 2000 before surgery and another person I know was at 12000 prior to surgery. Where are you from? Is your Dr a gyn/onc or a med/onc?

It is nice to hear that your family is there for you. Sending lots of prayers your way.

Prayers N Hugs BonnieRose

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Welcome to the board! Please don't let whatever numbers are thrown to you re your CA-125 get to you. I have a friend who has numbers in the 10,000 plus range who would be the first to tell you numbers don't count-it's how you feel that does! Take care of yourself, and let your family pamper you as much as they'd like (and as much as you can take). That's the best you can do!

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Welcome to you even though it's not a group you want to be in, but now that you are, everyone here is very helpful. I am also stage 3c. Was diagnosed in 2001 but had surgery before the chemo. Don't worry about the numbers. They can drop dramatically. My ca125 was 600 a couple of weeks ago and have had two rounds of chemo and it has already dropped to 25 so don't just go by numbers like others here have said. Go by how you feel. I don't know how you feel about praying but I have found that it makes a world of difference. Without God with me, I would be a mess. Keep us posted as to how you are doing. We're here to help. Take care, shortstuff

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Welcome Kathy, to a group of the most caring, supportive women I know. I agree with everyone else that counts may or may not mean anything. For me, we've determined after two bouts with OVCA, surgeries and chemo that my counts are worth watching and responding to. Other ladies, as you've read, have been into the thousands, and it doesn't necessarily mean the worst. This is a process of a lot of things put together. So just keep coming back, keep us informed, and keep the FAITH! We all have fear and axiety from time to time - you are human. And if you ever just need to talk, you might want to check out the two Chat Rooms on this website. Some nights I would be up very late, unable to sleep, a little restless, and there would be maybe one or two people in the room to lend an ear.

Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way. Hope to hear from you soon!


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Hi Kathy. Everyone has said it: you will find much support and love on this board. I'm waiting for lab results now, and am in a high anxiety mode too. Remember, we are all here for you! Hugs and love, MichaelaMarie aka Keelie

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Hi Kathie, welcome to the unwelcomed. Please feel free to express however you can.. we all understand patients and caregivers. I myself am caregiver of my 75 yo Mom. She is stage 3B dx Oct 2005. It has been a hard road and there have been very difficult moments, but God is always with us.. please keep your faith up. She had what was supposed to be a colon surgery and it ended up to be a big tumour with implant and metastasis to liver already. She did not have debulking surgery, had 6 rounds of carboplat plus bristaxol then a 2nd look surgery were omentum was removed and thank God chemo did it's work only a few implants were found in biopsies so she had another 2 of the same chemos. Fortunately she has been in remission since then, of course with pains here and there the scare me all the time...but apparently it's due to surgeries. If there is anything I can answer let me know. Big hug Liz

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Hi Kathie, This has got to be the scariest time of your life, for you and your family. Information is very helpful but information about stage 3 ovarian cancer can be downright depressing. Look everywhere you can for positive support. You see by this board that some of us are 3c and surviving many years after diagnosis. I am surprised that you are having chemo before surgery and with the others, will verify that those high ca125 numbers are usually associated with pre-surgery (and chemo). My numbers were still in the 800's when I'd had surgery and one chemo. Now, normal for me is 2-11. If I hit 34, I'm having a major recurrence (yet that is normal for the chart and many women here)
Sounds like you need support getting through the chemo sessions now. Talk to the nurses and other patients if you can. My oncologist sez there is a pill for everything. I doubted that, but took the anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, and pain meds when needed. There is a lot of fatigue involved in the days after treatment. It helps to enlist family and friends to plan, cook and even shop for meals. Believe me, everyone wants to help-they feel so helpless otherwise. If you don't mind me asking, have you asked the doc, why chemo before surgery? All the best to you Kathie, and hang in there, we are praying for you and cheering you on!

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