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cat scan on 10th Feb

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I'm currently enjoying my stay in Naples Florida - flying home to Toronto Canada for the suggested follow up 3 month Scan. I'm so nervous about the results that I'm having anxiety attacks.

My last Cat Scan...........
November 2006:
Findings: There is unchanged ill defined soft tissue stranding in the presacral space,presumably post surgical or post radiation in nature, No abnormal mass is noted in the anatomotic region at the sigmoid/rectum region.
No lymphadenopathy detected throughout.
Unchanged hepatic cysts. No new hepatic lesions.
There is a non specific 1 cm subpleural nodule within the right upper hemithorax, which may be lung parencgyma. There is presumed atelectasis in the posterior aspect of right upper lobe. There are a few scattered irrgular linear/small nodular opacities within the periphery of both lungs, probably longstanding.
No definite evidence of recurrent/metastatic didease within the chest, abdomen or pelvis.
Presumed chronic changes within Lung parenchyma as well as nonspecific subpleural module in the right upper hemithorax.
Suggest short term three month scan followup of the thorax.

Coloscopy clear - no polyps - come back in 1 year

CEA reading normal.

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The waiting is so hard! Its not much longer now, hang in there. Even though I'm better now than I used to be about waiting, the anxiety is still a very real feeling. Just know that the more you do it the better at waiting you will become. It is kind of like flying back and forth from Toronto to FL. There is always a risk in everything we do. Be sure to let us know the results of your test. jams

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NED,NED,NED!!!! dancing in the streets!!!
Thanks everyone - flying back down to Naples on Thursday. I'm one happy girl to be leaving the "deep freeze" of Canada.

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