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rectal bleeding-help!

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It's me again.
When I got to my parent's house on Monday, my mom informed me that she had been having rectal bleeding for 4 days. Only when she has a bowel movement. I immediately made an appointment with her GI doc and she went to see him yesterday. He did an exam and said that he could see an internal hemorrhoid, but he could not see that it was bleeding. Therefore, he ordered a colonoscopy which will be done on February 9th. This is her first colonoscopy. She was not diagnosed by one. Also, she has been on Avastin, but stopped taking it 3 weeks ago to prepare for surgery. Is it safe to do the colonoscopy when she has only been off avastin 4 1/2 weeks? GI doc said it would be fine. We see my mom's onc on Friday to get the results of her PET scan that was done on Tuesday, and I will ask her this question also. One more thing, if it is cancer that is causing the bleeding, wouldn't it show up on the PET scan? My mom is pretty upset about this new development so please keep her in your prayers. I feel in my heart that things are going to be fine, but times like this are very overwhelming.
God bless-

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HI valerie, I can understand how you and your Mom are feeling because it has happened to me twice, first time it happened about 2 months after surgery, and the second time on Christmass Eve,don't need to tell you that I didn't enjoy the evening,I know that I have external hemorroids,and have told the doctors, they didn't order any special test, I know that in November they checked the cea and was fine I finished my treatment yesterday, and I will get my pet scan and colonoscopy pretty soon, I will pray that everything is going to be fine for your Mom and myself.lots of hgs for both of you

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Thanks Betina, I will being praying for your upcoming scan and colonoscopy, also. Great news that you are done with treatment.
God bless-

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Hi Valerie: I was told that Avastin can cause bleeding. Maybe that is the reason. Try not to worry too much till the colonoscopy results. My motto is that worrying won't change the outcome, but it does take away from my precious time, so I make a real effort not to let this disease take more than it is already taking from me. I also don't see that the Avastin should have any negative effects on the colonoscopy. I know open surgery is a problem, but there is nothing to heal from a colonoscopy except for getting rid of some gas. My prayers will be with you and your mom. Monica

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Hi Valerie -

Please try not to worry too much - there are many possibilities and Feb 9th will be here before you know it. I know the waiting is hard, though.

I had a colonoscopy 7 days after my 5th chemo treatment (which included Avastin). As they were putting me under, I had the thought that maybe this wasn't a great idea, but all turned out well. Even if they snip a polyp it is not the same as open surgery. And your Mom has been off Avastin 4.5 weeks, so I really think the Avastin is not an issue.

Take care and I will be thinking of you and your Mom,

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hi valerie,
i had some bleeding after 2 years of nothing. had cc in may 04. i was scared and nervous too. i called the onc and he said call the surgeon. i called the gastro dr because the only way to know for sure is the scope. i went for exam and he saw a fissure. was it bright or dark red? you did the right thing make to calls and get in to have it checked out.
be well
never,ever give up

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Hi Valerie,

What color is the blood she sees? Is it bright red like fresh blood? If so, it is most likely a hemorroid just as the doc said. I have one that only bleeds after a BM or 2 and have learned to not get weird about it. I like that the doc is being extra careful and ordered the colonoscopy. I had my first one ever 2 1/2 years after my dx just this past fall and it was clean as a whistle. I feel your Moms will be too.

The Avastin should have absolutely no impact on her colonoscopy, so put those fears to bed. I know it is hard, but try to keep your Mom focused on how far she has come and that she only has a few minor steps to take to be NED. We all freak out especially in the beginning but we learn over time that every "headache does not mean we have a brain tumor".

Hugs to you and your Mom!!!!!!! I am telling you both that she is going to be just fine, I feel it in my bones.

Lisa P.

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Please calm down. It may be just herrmorhoid. It must so hard to wait for the scan result. I will think of your mom and family inn prayers. I remember that your mom did a huge diet change and juicing and what a supportive family she has.

Pumping good vibes to your way. God's peace be with you.

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Try to stay busy while waiting for the scan. Take NED dancing and out for a drink. Having fun may not change anything, but it can't hurt either. jams

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