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Scan time :( & :)

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And this is exactly how I feel. Sad and anxious one minute and happy and excited the next. I just want so much for this scan to be good. I can only imagine how my mom must feel. Her PET scan is on Tuesday and we will get the results on Friday. If all goes well, and there is no further spread, my mom will be having surgery in 3 weeks to remove her last tumor. And then finally, she would be NED. Please keep her in your prayers. I am leaving to go to their house on Monday and will be stay the whole week. I will post again on Friday to let you all know the results.

God bless-


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Hey Sweetie,

Good to hear from you and yes testing time is always very stressful. What pisses me off is that she has her scans on Tuesday and has to wait until Friday to get the results. Here in the US that is a travesty!!!!!! I had to wait 4 days once and chewed my oncologist out about it since he was the one telling me to get the stress out of my life. I reminded him that the hell I went thru waiting for my test results was much worse then any other stress I could endure. Since then, I have gotten my results within 24 hours and I go to a huge cancer center. She should raise hell about having to wait. Sometimes she/he who screams loudest wins!!!!

Anyway, be safe on your trip to your Moms and please give your folks my best and let us hear as soon as you know anything.

Hugs Valerie,

Your friend, Lisa

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HI Valerie

Sendng prayers to your mom and asking NED to come soon to your family. Let us know how everything turns out.


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Hi Valerie,

I know how you feel. I absolutely hate when scan time comes around. They always make my dad wait a week after his scans for the results. He has to go in for an appointment to get the results. It is the most stressful thing that I have ever had to endure besides the initial colonoscopy which found his cancer and his surgery. Praying for excellent results and NED!!!

God bless,


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Valerie: I had a c-scan done on Tuesday and will not get the results till this coming Tuesday. I think the waiting is harder on my husband and family than it is on me. Frankly, I'm kinda liking hiding my head in the sand. Anyways, I will pray that things go well for your mom. Have faith! Monica

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I pray for great scan results. Tears started streaming down my face during my most recent scan. I know exactly how you feel. You feel confident that things will be ok.. and then the "what if's" start creeping in. It helps me to pray the entire time I am in the machine.

I don't know how some of you handle waiting that long for results. My onc tries to get me the results that same day and always within 24 hours, even if that means calling me with the results. I am thankful for that!.

Praying for surgery for your mom, and strength to get through.


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My husband has his CT scan and then we go immediately to the oncologist and they give us the preliminary report. The following day they will fax us the formal written report. We are very fortunate not to have the long wait. I cannot even imagine waiting like these different posts talk about. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Valerie,,very hard time to go through the scan and waiting for the results, I am going to be in the same boat next month, and already starting to feel anxious,I will be praying for your Mom, you and your family deserve to have good results, and you will. My best wishes for all of you.

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Hi Valerie -

I'll be thinking of your Mom and sending good vibes. Like Lisa, I am sorry you have to wait 3 days for results - it is agonizing. The radiologist should have results written up by the next day and you should be able to get them then.

Anyway, have a safe trip to you Mother's house and I wish her the best.


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Thanks to all of you for your support and advice.
The week of waiting for test results is definitely excruciating and emoitional. In the last 9 months, my mom has had 3 PET and 2 CT scans. Every time I have asked nicley, begged, and even screamed to get the results sooner, and each time I have been told....NO, this is just the way it is done. So, we wait. Although, Maura, I do like your idea. I am going to try it this time. I will check with the radiologist on Wednesday and see if I can come in and pick up a copy. Even if I hyperventilate, at least I will have a copy in my hand!
God bless-

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I did the same thing and the report if ready is your property as well. They gave it to me although the results were inconclusive it was helpful to be able to start the review process and get my questions answered.

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I don't even have to contact the radiologist. Ic all the hospital, ask for radiology, then ask for the film library and have the person in that department print out the report. it is waiting for me at the reception desk in radiology. When I go for my bloodwork printouts, I sometimes have to show my ID (if they don't recognize me)...each hospital may handle things differently, but I hope this helps. Take care.

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Hi Valerie. Just want you to know you and your Mom are in my prayers. God Bless

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Hi friend, I hope to hear from you soon. I am sending good vibes your way.

Hugs, Russell

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Hi Russell,
I've missed seeing you on the board. Hope all is going well.

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Hey there,
There is something that you can do during the wait. I pick up my reslults each time a test (any sort of test) is done. It normally takes about 24 hours for the results for a scan to be read by a radiologist and put into the cumputer system for your docs. The results are yours. I like taking a printout with me to every appointment ...I learned my lesson when docs were not discussing all of the details and missed a few things that were important to me with my bloodwork...I might drive my docs nuts by going through every minute detail, but they are now quite used to it!
So, the good side is that you will have your results. The bad side is that the results can produce hyperventillating...I mean it. My last CT showed a few questionable results and it was hard to read and then think about until I met with my docs.
I just wanted to give you the info. The results are yours - and the hospital/medical group must give you a printout.
All the best to your mom and you (and all of your family). She is very lucky to have you close.
Take care and best wishes for a very good week,

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