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Infectious Doctors answer

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Had my Dr. appt yesterday and found out that my PET scan came back with hot spots in the chest (nodes)and a spot in my right lung top lobe, they removed the middle lobe Dec 19, 2006. Doctors are surprised and think that it may be inflamation from the surgery, so they had me do a CT scan yesterday, no results as yet. Infectious doctor said I need to go on isoniazid tabs and B-6 tab for 9 months to take care of the TB that maybe laying dormant in the lungs. My Oncologist is taking my case to the Oncologist Board (8 of them) on Feb 6th and after their meeting I will see doctor in the afternoon. Doctor said they don't want to do anything until after the radialogist reads the CT scan and after the meeting. I'm still in limbo but feel good about my case being brought in fron of 8 other oncologist.
I'll post results, when I know something?????

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It looks to me that you can be very confident in your medical team. Not only are they demonstrating awareness and concern, but they are very actively researching the possibilities.
They seem to be very thorough in their approach.
Best wishes.

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Hi, Just wanted to tell you to keep that positive attitude going. I also had a lobe removed, later hot spots showed up on my PET scan also. I had chemo and radiation and here I am over 8 years later. Healthy, with no signs of cancer. So...keep the good thoughts going, I really believe positive thoughts and attitudes affect your body. Keeping those good thoughts going for you....Karen

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You guys are great, whenever I get down I turn to this site and read about others going through this fight, it really helps, I don't feel so all alone. Most of the time my sprits are up but sometimes I get down, so I can't say enough about how it helps to read what others have to say. Thanks so much.

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