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H Pylori & Cancer Related???

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Does anyone have any information about H. Pylori being connected to stomach cancer? If you have stomach cancer, were you ever tested positive for H Pylori?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Yes , there is link, I had and was treated for H-P before my cancer was found. Most doctors will order a endoscopy after treatment to make sure it's all gone and to check for lessions. Some doctors will acually scope before treatment.

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Yes, they are very connected. I had HP which turned into an ulcer. It led to cancer. Best way to diagnose is by an endoscopy. Best of luck to you

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i've just been diagnosed with h.p and am in advanced stages of stomach cancer and all i've really been told by my general doc is that theres a 93% death rate, if not treated properly how advanced were you? is it in remission? how sick were you please help!!!!!

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My husband was diagnosed with h.p. in December 2007. After taking the 3 antibiotics and still not feeling better, more tests were done - he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, stage IV on Decmeber 21st, 2007. :(

He was given very little hope at all, but we refused to believe what the doctors were telling us. (We were in total denial). Hubby is a veteran and we live in CA; we were finally referred to Palo Alto VA which works closely with Stanford University. Hubby started chemo January 26th, 2007. By his second chemo in February, the mass in his liver had been reduced by 50%! The mass in the esophagus had been reduced by 25%. (This was determined with a CT scan). His treatment is Carboplatin (infusion) and Xeloda (chemo pills).
He is still being treated, and on June 28th he will have another CT scan to see how effective the treatments have been. The oncologist seems to think that he is going into remission :) However, she has told us there is no cure for this cancer once it has spread to the liver, but for now we are very hopeful. Hubby has gained back all of his weight (30 pounds), feels great, has lots of energy and is perfectly healthy (except for the cancer). So please keep fighting - there is always hope.
Gentle hugs,

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I was treated for HP in July 2016. Retested and was negative in Nov 2016 but was very ill, losing weight etc. I went to a gi doc he did endoscopy Nov 22. he said he found something suspiciou. Did second round of biopsies Dec 20. They had found a B cell lymphom. On Jan 9th went to first oncology appt. she set me up for bone marrow test and Ct. They found several lymph nodes in my chest and a spot on my lung. Then order Pet scan which found hot spots in colon and intestines. The lymph nodes and spot on my lung are nothing they said. My bone marrow came back clear. Today I had my 3rd endoscopy and a colonoscopy. He said stomach still looks awful and he said I have diverticulosi. Colon and intestines look good. They will get results in 10 to 12 days. When do they begin to start something for the lymphoma in my stomach.  She said on Jan 9th I would have radiation. Then now we are waiting on these next biopsie. So we've known about the cancer since around the 1st of Dec. Concerne, should I be? Thanks!

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Hi I had H Pylori and was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I took the antibiotic treatment and so many tests in 2017. I have had no testing in 2018. I still feel awful most days tired and weak. It seemed they were not going to do any treatment so I just stopped. I will have a Pet scan in January and see what happens then. I just wonder if you have this cancer how long does it take for them to start some kind of treatment. After 1 year there were still signs of cancer but they did not treatment. I didn't see the point in biopsies every 2 months and scans then they still did nothing but watched it. I have also been diagnosed with gastroparsis. 

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Yes, they are connected. It is seen that certain bacteria and viruses are actively involved with the cancers and their presence is inevitable in the diagnosis of these cancers. For example, HPV (virus) is diagnosed in every caseof cervical cancer. Thus, importance of H.Pyroli cannot be belittled and though not all strains of H.Pyroli cause cancer rather it is the few that oncogenic strains which if lodged in stomach for a long duration can cause gastric irritation and eventually cause cancer. Refer to the link to know more about stomach cancer and its relevance https://voiceofcancerpatients.com/articles/stages-of-stomach-cancer-and-their-relevance-to-prognosis

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