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Coughing and Chemo?

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Hi all,
Carl is on FOLFOX with Avastin, just had his 4th treatment. He is having a weird side effect that the onc says isn't caused by the chemo drugs (I beg to differ). After every treatment, he gets a dry cough for 4-5 days which then goes away but comes back the day of chemo. He also gets a raspy voice which seems worse when he is not really well hydrated during those days. Anyone else deal with something like this? Thoughts?

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I got laryngitis after chemo (5FU/leukovorin). It's gotten better, but a year later, I still have some periodically. I did go to an ear/nose/throat doc, but he didn't seem to me to have a clue. My best guess is it was some sort of acid reflux problem.

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Hi Heather,
I am also on Folfox with Avastin and develop a raspy voice that comes and goes. It gets worse when I talk alot or get excited about something. I cough a little bit, but the raspiness is what bothers me the most. It is definately a chemo side effect.

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When I was on FOLFOX previously, I did have the raspy voice you describe -- lasted a couple of days. It felt very dry. No cough though. I'm sure the raspy voice was a side effect of the chemo.

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Hi Heather: I didn't have a cough per se, but I did have a cumulative reaction that affected my throat. I would also get a case of the sneezes, especially the first day. I'm sure that was an allergic reaction. Monica

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My husband is on xelox and it is my understanding that in some people the oxalilplatin can cause a cough ( he has been on it since May 06 and has had a dry cough)

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Hi Heather,

I would say talk to your onc again. Also mine told me to use Biotene mouthwash for sore or dry throat. It does help some, maybe it will help your husband.

Lisa F.

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