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Interesting Article

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Dr. Weil had this on his site this morning, I also get his daily e-newsletters, great to subscribe to. This info is even being published by the NCI!

Calcium Supplements Can Prevent Polyps

Taking calcium supplements daily may protect more than just your bones. New
research from Dartmouth Medical School shows that taking calcium for four years
seems to prevent recurrence of the type of polyps in the colon that can lead to
cancer. The investigators followed 597 patients who had previous colorectal
adenomas (the medical term for the suspect polyps) and who took 1,200 mg of
calcium daily for four years. They found that supplementing with calcium
protected against polyp formation for up to five years after the supplements
were stopped. Over five years, 31.5 percent of the patients who took calcium
developed polyps compared to 43.2 percent among a group that didn’t take the
supplements. A possible downside of daily calcium supplementation is some
evidence suggesting that the supplements may increase the risk of prostate
cancer, although this remains to be proven in larger clinical trials. The study
was published in the January 17, 2007, issue of the Journal of the National
Cancer Institute.

Very interesting, I guess if you are a man you may want to pay attention to the
last few lines. But overall very promising IMHO.

God Bless,


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Interesting, thanks for posting.

That explains why my gastro told me to take a calcium supplement.

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

I recall the "Os-Cal" supplement commercials addressing this very issue for like the past 3 years. Funny, probably longer than that, but never paid attention to things like that before I got cancer! It's gone, now, though....and that is all that matters!!

Happy day!


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