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the beast is back

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well everyone i went for my 3 month check-up and my CEA is 87, yes sign that the beast is back. im very scared as this is my second battle with it, i go for testing this week so i will find out where it has shown its ugly head again. has anyone ever went through it twice. i dont want to go through this all over again but i know that i have to. please send prayers my way. i am terrified.

love to you all

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Oh Lynn,
Are you sure? Was your CEA really low 3 months ago? Sometimes it is not an accurate gage. I am praying that it is just some fluke thing and that you are all clear.
God bless,

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maybe the beast is simply passing through..they say everyone has cancer a minimum of four times in their lifetime, but healthy immune systems take care of it. Believe.

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Oh sweetie I am so sorry for your anguish right now. Ugh. Just wait for the tests and pray like hell. Know you have a lot of friends here to help you. CEAs are supposedly not always accurate...hang in there and let us know. All the best - Maura

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Hang tough! You can make it through whatever the further testing shows.

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Lynn: You've done it once, you can do it again. But we are going to pray that it is not cancer. I have read that CEA results can go up for a variety of reasons, not just cancer. We are here for you. Monica

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What a shock this must have been! Just take a deep breath and one step at a time. We just have to be vigilant in beating back the beast. Remember how Christ turned Satan away when he was tired and hungry in the desert?
I feel like we have to not only beat Satan, but also this terrible Beast. BEHIND ME BEAST(not in my behind.)! Let's fight whatever is it is with your whole heart. We are here to help. jams

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Hi Lynn,
I'm so sorry your CEA is so high and hope it was a bad test. Yes, I've been through it twice. Last year on my 6 month checkup I faced the same thing. After a second CEA came back higher, I was immediately scheduled for a PET scan. It showed a small area in the left lower abdomen. A CAT scan couldn't distinguish exactly what it was so my DR's decided surgery was best. Cancer was found in 2 spots; the left ovary and a cul-de-sac between the rectum and vagina. After surgery the CEA returned to normal, but I did have to go through 6 more months of chemo. I finished Folfiri with Avastin on 11/08/06. CEA done on 12/27 and thankfully it is still dropping. It was frightening to have to go through again, but I made it. I hope this helps to ease your fears and know it may not be as bad as you are thinking.
God bless you and I truely hope your test give you good results. Kandy

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Hi Lynn, I sincerely hope that Kandy's prediction is right and that it is "a bad test". I was wondering if your CEA has just jumped to this level all of a sudden or has it been progressively getting slightly higher each blood test then all of a sudden gone up? As for being scared I am sure that all of us would react with the same feelings. I have been NED now for 3 years and have a CT coming up in the coming week or so.....I can tell you that the fear still remains....apprehension seems to be a well worn word in our cancer world. We wish you the very best and hopefully you can return to tell us that it was a false reading.
Ross and Jen

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Hi Lynn -

I sure hope there is some other explanation. If not, keep coming here for support. You did it once and you can do it again. I know how terrified you are, but try and wait for the testing so you know more about exactly what you may have to fight. (I know how hard that is to do - I have HUGE scan anxiety every 3 months.)

I'll be thinking of you and hoping this is nothing other than a really bad scare. Come back and let us know.


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Of course you are terrified Lynn, all of us would be. I know that pancreas issues can negatively impact CEA like your increase has, but bottom line, something is going on and you are attacking it ASAP. That is all you can do for now other then pray and think positive. In the meantime you are in my thoughts nonstop and please let me know if there is anything more I can do for you and/or your family.

Big time hugs, Lisa P.

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Like others, I sincerely hope the elevated CEA is due to some other cause. It's not the most reliable test. But, yes: I have gone through it twice, and am now going through it a 3rd time! Yes, it is tough. But, I tell myself I just have to get back up on that horse. Summon the willpower and attitude and everything else that works for me....and "just do it". I also take comfort in the fact that medical knowledge and advances (both traditional/Western and alternative/complementary) continue to move forward at an astonishing rate. There are new treatments coming on board all the time. So long as they keep one step ahead of me! Please let us know the results of your further testing and meanwhile sending prayers and best wishes your way.

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Praying for you!

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Hi Lynn, I have to say, I have gone through this twice. I was in remission for 13 mos. when the beast showed its ugly self again. I thought after the first time, how hard it would be to hear those words again. I even asked some of the others from the csn chat rm How do you do it a second time? and they said Averi, u just do it, even suggesting hearing the words again aren't nearly as devastating as the first time. I didn't understand at first but after I heard the words again, for me, it really wasn't as hard. I just thought, ok, hear we go again. I'm sure for others it was as diff to hear but for me it wasn't. Others even said, they deal with it as a "chronic" disease having had 3 and 4 recurrences. Thank God I can tell you since my second liver resection last Jan. I am again 1 yr cancer free!!(just had CT done couple weeks ago). I hope the beast has not returned, but if it has, continue to be positive and claim victory over it and it will be done by the grace of God. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Sincerely, Averi

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I'm with nanuk and Kandy on this one! You're in my thoughts and prayers! Hang tough and Livestrong!

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Hi Lynn, My Prayers are with you. I hope everything works out for the better. I have had Cancer 3 times GOD IS GOOD. Just stay positive no matter what. Stay in your fighting mode and fight, never give up There is Hope. The first time I heard those words almost literally lost my mine. After the second time took it in stride and the Third just said what has to be done and lets do it. Stay Strong we are here for you 24/7. Livin

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I'm praying for you. IF the beast has shown its ugly head again, YOU are ready to fight. Your faith in God is amazing.

God bless-

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You cry, you yell, and then you take a deep, deep breath and you fight again. My fifth second opinion said it well...."I know you are tired, but why would you make all of your previous fight void by not fighting as hard as you can this time?"

Granted, this was breast cancer, totally unrelated....but, if you look at it another way, I have two separate cancers that I now must watch for reoccurance...

BIG, WARM, FUZZY hugs your way!

Hugs, Kathi

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you all cant possibly know how much your words of encouragement and experience mean to me. i intend to fight if that is what lies ahead, you guys are my inspirations and more support to me then you will ever know. i love you all and i pray for you all daily. i will keep you posted, i have a ct thursday and a pet/ct on monday, my dr appointment is tuesday, so i will be posting tuesday evening. again thank you all for being there for me.

hugs back at ya

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Mine came back after 6 months. My CEA was up to 66. It came back in my stomach. I'm doing all the same chemo accept for oxiplantin. I'm doing cpt 11 which stinks. I'm doing well now CEA is down to 5.7 and the tumors are 12mm down to 7mm and 15mm down to 12 mm. Hang in there. I've got 4 more chemos to go.

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lynn,be very strong and have Faith in God. I will say a prayer for you. Take Care,

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You definitely have my prayers. Try to hang in there, though. It is possible, like everyone else has said that this may just be a fluke thing and your CEA is up for other reasons. Has your CEA ever been an indicator for tumor markers? Please have faith in God. He is with you.

God bless,


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I will be praying for you. I appreciate you posting to my many questions. You will stay in my thoughts.....


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