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kidney cancer here but fingers are numb

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Joined: Jan 2007

i was told i have kidney cancer stage 3 we will have the kidney removed on thursday 1-25-07.
about two weeks ago my finger tips on my left side same as the kidney started feeling numb any one else have this please let me know what it is .has this spread to the brain or blood? please help
52year old

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Hi there. My dad was just diagnosed with RCC last week. He doesn't have all his test results back yet and hasn't received any treatment BUT I wanted to let you know that my dads hand/fingers are not working properly either on his right side (the same side as the kidney with cancer). I don't know what it means though. He can't pick things up or grasp onto them.
If you find out before me whats causeing it please let me know and I will do the same for you. He should have all his test results back Wednesday (I HOPE!).
Take care

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Hi there, I was just diagnosed with kidney cancer too and was told the the numbness in my fingers was due to stress, but seeing a second urologis on Monday and will ask his opinion

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