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I think this is goodbye

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Well, I want to thank each one of you for your support and prayers during this long (but short) journey. My dad was told on monday that chemo would kill him faster than the cancer would so we have called hospice and I think we only have a few weeks. You all have been such wonderful people and I wish you all the best. Please keep fighting My dad never gave up. Thank you again. I love you!


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My thought and prayers are with you and your family during this time.

Try to remember the good times with your dad.


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Hi Jessie, im so sorry to hear about your dad. That is kinda what happen to my dad. His came back in his lungs and abdomon. He did do chemo and it worked for about 12 months but then he started to lose weight fast and get weak and they couldnt do chemo anymore so he had to stop it. We also called in hospice and he passed away 2 1/2 months later. Im sorry for what you and your dad have to go through and I pray God gives you the strength in the comming days. If you ever need to talk you can email me. Mindy

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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad.

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It will never be goodbye with our group. You are always welcome to be here even if you don't feel like you still "belong" here.

I know there comes a time when we have to say that the battle can no longer be won. Are we sure we are at that point with your father? Even if he cannot get chemo, is there some other nutritional angle he could approach to maybe make things seem a little easier? I may be reaching at anything at this point, but I guess I could never fully take the fight out of me.

My best goes out to you and your family during this very difficult time.


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I am so sorry to hear about your father.

I agree with Stacy's message totally. You are always welcome to come here.

Also, can a full nutritional approach be tried? What is there to lose?

I pray for your family to find the strength to make it through.


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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad during this very difficult time. Know that God will give you and your dad strenght and comfort in the coming weeks. We love you too.

God bless-

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I am also sorry to hear about your Dad. Looks like God will be taking another angel home to walk beside him.

Remember, we are family here and YOU are always welcome no matter what. As a family, we will never leave your side.

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Jessie -

I will keep you, your dad and your family in my prayers. Always remember that we are all here for you - and we are a ready support network if you need to talk in the future.

- SpongeBob

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Dear Jessie,

I will keep your dad and your family in my prayers. I am so sorry that your time with him is so short. I pray that you will be given added strength during this difficult time.



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I am so sorry and will have you and your family in my prayers. If you are interested in some wonderful insight and inspiration after someone has been "told to call hospice", get the book "A Cancer Battle Plan" By Anne Frahm.

Lisa P.

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I'm so sorry Jessie. I hope he keeps fighting. I read on another board that when the docs give up on you go and find another who will not.

If your dad wants to keep fighting please let him keep fighting. If it's just the doctor that wants to give up find another doctor.
You do read stories where doctors give up but then the patient goes to another and still gets treated. (sometimes even helped)

Doctors don't know everything and they aren't god. (look at mine!)
and I always believe that there is hope.(think of lance, they told him he was not going to make it)

so see what your dad says and I'm going to pray for you both.

"fight for pugs"

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i am so sorry to hear this news about your father, know that i am praying for you and your dad and the rest of your family. i will be asking god to perform the same miracle on your father as he did for me. the lord loves his children and it his will to heal us all. may god keep you and bless you at this very difficult time. we all love you here and hope that this is not goodbye to us and that you will always keep in touch.


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Jessie: so sorry about your dad. My dad battled cancer four times. He had chemo on Thursday, November 30th and suffered a stroke on December 1st (he passed awy December 2nd). My memories of my dad, my family and my friends have gotten me through the terrible time. I always thought my dad was the strongest man in the world and to lose him hurt tremendously.

God bless your and your family. Cherish every moment. You are in my prayers.


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I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I agree with some of the others that have responded. Just because the doc has given up doesn't mean your dad has to. May God provide you with strength and courage.

God bless you,


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You, your Dad, and family are inmy thoughts and prayers!

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Jessie....your dad may surprise you...miracles happen every day. Sometimes things happen that we don't think are good things, but they are all part of the plan. I read the article about Art Buchwald in this month's Readers Digest...he went in to hospice because he didn't want to do dialysis on his dying kidneys. He was given only months to live without it. He held court in the facility, see all sorts of family and friends, and just generally being happy. The end of the story is, his completely shut down kidneys started working again, and he is home on Martha's Vineyard...with a VERY long good prognosis! Let your dad fight, or live, for as long as he can....he may surprise you!

Hugs, Kathi

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My prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family. Bless you, Audrey.

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