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Colonoscopy Results

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Had my very first colonoscopy Friday, 12 January and the surgeon indicated everything looked normal and wants to do the reverse surgery soon.

Have to admit that the prep, TriLyte, wasn't that bad. Mixed it with the lemon-lime flavored packet and used a nose clip each time I drank. The nose clip really helped.

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Hi nudgie,
What is the prep TriLyte? I have never heard of this. Is it like the co-lytley? That gallon one? That is the one I usually drink. I will ask my doctor about TriLyte. Appreciate any info.

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Posts: 1482
Joined: Sep 2006

Yes, TriLytle is like Go-Lytley. It is the gallon mixture prep. Drink 8 oz every 10 minutes. Believe me it works too.

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There is also the 1/2 gallon that is called halflite(sp?). Not too bad. No prep is really good.

Lisa F.

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