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Positive thoughts and prayers

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My Mother has Stage III OC. She has couragously been battling this disease NON-STOP for 13 years. She is the most amazing person I know. She has been a source of strength, admiration and hope for so many women. She has had three major surgeries and 9 different chemo regimens - lasting from 6 months - 10 months each as well as 1 course of radiation. During breaks from treatment she and my father would advocate for Ovarian symptom awareness and give others newly diagnosed hope by sharing her story of survival. She has made it this far largly in part by having a positive attitude, a support system and a will to survive. At this time, she is very, very sick and hospitalized. I know that this board is filled with compassionate and caring people who are going through similar experiences. I am hoping that if we all send some positive thoughts and prayers her way, that possibly she can pull through this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that she would too.

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I will send all my best thoughts, prayers and wishes out towards your Mom and also to you. It is hard to watch a loved one go through all this. 13 years is a very long time to do battle. I cannot begin to imagine the rollercoaster you have both been on for so long. Hugs to you both, may God grant you both the strength and healing that you need. Cindy

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Thank you for sharing a bit about your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman, one nurse told me that only the best and strongest people get cancer. I am so glad she had the opportunity to put energy into helping others with this disease, it does make a difference. I definitely will be praying for her, what is her name? I will also be praying for you and your family.

Hugs N Prayers Bonnie

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Her name is Sandy. Thank you so much for your heartwarming concern.

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I will be lifting your precious Mom up in prayer,she is certainly a an inspriration to many. (((hugz))),,floridajo

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We are all in agreement - we will lift up your Mom, Sandy(AND YOU AND YOUR FAMILY) in prayer. I'm so grateful for women such as her who provide such an inspiration to all of us. God Bless her for her strength and perserverance during this long successful battle.
Hugs. . .

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I, too, want to echo the sentiments of all of the women that have sent their hopes and prayers your way. Has your mother ever been this ill in the 13 years before? What are the doctors telling you? Does she still have her will to fight? I agree that her positive attitude, support system and the will to survive has taken her this far. She is an inspiration to all of us who are in the early years of fighting this horrific disease. Please keep us posted on how things are going for your mother and for you and your family. We all care....MichaelaMarie aka Keelie.

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Thank you so much for your genuine concern. No, my mother has definately never been this ill. The only time she was hospitalized before was when she had her surgeries. She was 57 when diagnosed and now she's 70. She has tried very hard to live as normal a life as possible and up until now, has done just that. This past year, she began to have intense pain, and in order to relieve it, they gave her radiation (on one area only). It shrunk that tumor enough to give her relief. However, she was not on chemo and so everything else continued to grow and spread. These past nine weeks she has had a steady decline. Pain that was so intense that it became unbearable. She was unable to move or get into bed. She could not eat or drink and lost weight. Her bodily functions started to shut down and she deteriorated. By the time she arrived at the hospital she was in a very serious state and still is. The doctors are being wonderful. As far as her will to fight, she is pretty frail and each hour seems to bring on another complication ie so nauseaus that she can't even move without vomiting. Blood clot now in her leg today started to go to her lung, they installed a filter to stop that and more ports for feedings etc. Up until a couple of days ago she was beginning to get enough strength so that she could begin chemo today (her choice to still fight), but due to her condition today, chemo was out of the question. I truly appreciate all of the concern, thoughts and prayers being sent our way.

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I'll say prayers for you and your mom. My support group has women who have been seemingly at the bottom of the fight, only to come back and astound us again. I hope your mom will be able to do the same.

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I am so sorry, I will also lift your family up in prayer.Sounds like your mother is an amazing woman. It is so hard to watch the ones you love in pain. God has to intetcede and comfort you all. God Bless You Jan

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Haven't been here in a while and just saw your message. I will pray for both you and your mother. I had a lot of prayers said for me and I know how much they helped. Keep up the courageous fight and hope. I will keep you in my prayers.

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My prayers and thoughts are with your mother and you. There are many new drugs out there and I hope one of them can pull your mother through. I just started a new regiment of chemo for recurrent oc. That fact that your mother has battled this disease for 13 years certainly gives me hope. Please keep us informed of how your mother is doing. And give her a big hug from a stranger who care. thanks.,

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I am so appreciative of your posting and all of the others who have left their positive thoughts and prayers for my mother. I will absolutely give her a big hug from you. She would be so happy to know that her long battle has given you hope! Right now, things are not looking so good. They are starting chemo today though: I think it is taxotere but I don't know if it will be mixed with anything else - she is extremely weak. Please continue to think of her - I do believe that if enough people send hope your way, you can conquer the impossible.

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I would like to join the others here, in sending good thoughts, prayers and hugs to your Mom and your family. Such courage, all of you. Thank you for sharing her story and giving me hope. God be with you.

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