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Hi all,

I am taking turmeric capsules as prescribed by my naturopath. She has said that there is a lot of research going on with turmeric and colon cancer. I was googling on it and found this among other articles. This study showed really great results for FAP. I'm going to keeping googling for other studies.


Anyone else on Turmeric?

Happy New Year!

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Not on tumeric but thanks for the information. Will look it up.


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What is "FAP?"

Thank you for posting this. Like you, I am aware of recent news stories about turmeric and cancer.

We eat a lot of Indian food and turmeric is frequently an ingredient. Recently, I've found fresh turmeric (it looks like small pieces of fresh ginger) in the local Vietnamese markets. I've been including it in vegetable juices I make for my husband.


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FAP is Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. The study was of patients with FAP. I believe it is form of colon cancer that is most likely inherited - has a genetic cause.

Wow thats cool that you have the root. I take capsule pwder form of it. I will look for the root.


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Hi Marie,

I take tumeric and was told my Naturopath also to take it. It's an anti-inflamatory and in some schools of thought, most diseases begin by some kind of inflammation.

I give it to my hubby too who has carpal tunnel.

I haven't tried the root but only the powder form and in capsules. But that sounds good using it like ginger root.

Thanks for the info though!

peace, emily

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It's not quite on topic, but there is a sister article to the one on turmeric claiming a possible preventive effect on prostate cancer of beer and pizza. 17 beers and 4 large pizzas each day. Keep in mind for possible new year's resolutions.


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