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Just an update

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Hi, all! Well, its been the year from hell, but it's almost over. I've finished chemo, and the first follow up CT scan showed no cancer. My Doctor, a tremendously caring person, has been completely honest with me, and that has been a positive experience. I have a "moderate" chance of recurrence, and of course, nothing is impossible, but all in all, I feel ok. Not great, and like all of us, I'm HUGELY paranoid :) But at least the worst seems to be over!

Happy holidays all, and may this year be the year you can say "WE BEAT IT!"

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Dear Steve G:

I am happy to hear that you came through the past difficult year with good news from your scans! Congratulations!

I am a 20 month LC survivor and all my scans have been clear. Just keep the faith, you can beat it.

God bless you, Madelyn

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Congratulations, SteveG. on your successful recovery.

You said it's been a year from hell. Were you on chemo really for a year? Would you mind sharing what chemo protocol you were on? So many cancer survivors recovered via surgery and chemo/radiation, while I don't hear of many who were treated only with chemo.

I wish for you continued victory against cancer. Happy holidays to you, too.

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Oh no, Kaitek. I was only on chemo for about 4 months. 4 cycles, 3 weeks each of Cistoplatin and taxitol, I really didn't have many problems with side effects, other than just feeling run down and not QUITE right. I called it the year form hell becuase to start the year off, I had a blow out of my cars tire while on the PA turnpike, at 70 MPH, and from then on it was just one thing after another. The cancer was foun in March, UR lobectomy in April, chemo starting mid-June, and ending late August.

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Hi SteveG,

Thanks for answering my questions. I've been getting a picture survivors have relied on surgery and chemo/radiation for their full recovery. If you had been solely on chemo, I would have related to it as that is my mom's therapy.

Sorry to hear your year has been so bad, starting with blown tires. I can relate to that as I drove with one of my tires blowing out. Luckily for me, I was just accelerating from a stop at a traffic light. But with an unfortunate situation, I was blessed to have 2 good samaritans pull over to offer their help. I already phoned for help, but those gestures stay with me.

Sometimes it seems bad events come in bunches, as if that one wasn't difficult to deal with in the first place.

Anyway, I hope the new year brings only positive, favorable and memorable experiences for you. 2006 hasn't been a good year for me either because of health concerns. So, I am very hopeful and looking forward to 2007 and onward. And I wish the same for everyone managing cancer - either as a patient, survivor or caregiver/supportive loved one.

Happy new year, Steve and everyone.

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Congratulations Steve,
I had an upper right lobectomy in July,2005. I was stage 3A. I also had chemo before and after surgery. To date all of my scans have been clean. I pray that the cancer not return to my body and that a cure is found for all of us in 2007.

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Hi, I am an 8yr. lung cancer survivor. Stage 3-4. Had upper right lobectomy, chemo(taxol & carboplatin) and radiation. I have had clear scans since the end of my treatment and the doctors consider me cured!!! However, I say I am in wonderful remission and hope it lasts forever. There is hope and many more people are survivors like me. Karen

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