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Posts: 1362
Joined: Dec 2003

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on this site a Merry Christmas, and thank everyone behind the scenes who continue to make it all possible. Hopefully we will all do what we do best-to support and lift each other up in the spirit of family.
My heartfelt thanks to you all.. Love, Bud

vinny3's picture
Posts: 933
Joined: Jun 2006

I second that motion, Bud. It's so wonderful to be able to have a site where you can ask any question and get good answers from caring people. I hope we see the day when there are no more newbies. May the beast be defeated forever.

Peace to all this Christmas and for the New Year.


Russell05's picture
Posts: 60
Joined: Nov 2006

I agree Bud. This is just the place for all types of people. One's who just want to seek info to one's who just need someone to vent to. But no matter what your situation is, there is always someone here willing to help and share their experiences, feelings, ect.
And AMEN Dick I hope we come to the time soon where there will be no newbies.
To all Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Be Well, Graet big bear Hugs to all, Russell

Kanort's picture
Posts: 1275
Joined: Jan 2004

Thanks, Bud. We are all blessed by this site and the support we all gain from each other.

Blessings to each and everyone of you.



JADot's picture
Posts: 720
Joined: Jan 2006

Hear hear, Bud. Thank you for your thoughtful post!
Hope you're doing well and hope to see you in some lycra out on the road some day :)


shmurciakova's picture
Posts: 910
Joined: Dec 2002

Merry Christmas Bud, you survivor you!
Don't party too hard on New Years Eve!
-Susan H.

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