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Sir Spheres (sirt)

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I first heard about Sir Spheres (sirt ) from this board . I believe it was Bestydoglover who first posted a story on it . If I remember she was even selected to do testing . to see if she quilfied . I have also seen it being discussed on other boards . I was dx. with stage 4 (mets on both lobes ) some that were pretty big . I did 12 treatment of folfox , avastan . , in which I had a great response to , But the side effects of the oxy were getting bad . So we took out the Oxy and continued on with just the 5fu/luc/avastan worked well for about two months . Then my cea started to rise . So we switched to folfiri after 4 treatment of this cea tests plus scans showed that it was not working . my tumors were growing and a few were back . My Dr. showed my scans to the radiologist , in hopes that maybe ,He could Rfa the tumors . he said no , But that he could do the Sir Spheres . and if that didn't work we could still have the Cpt11/Eribitux to fall back on . I chose the Sir Spheres because I was worried that if the eribitux didn't work , and I progressed . Then that might knock me out of the sir spheres treatment .
I am posting a link which will explain the treatment . You can also google it and there is quite a bit of info on it . Hopes this helps .

Take Care and God Bless.

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Debra - I read up the site you provided and it sounds like an excellent option,and very promising. Thanks for sharing (I'll be talking to my onc about this) and know that you will be in my prayers. Be strong. You can do this. Monica

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Makes me wish my mets were in the liver instead of the lungs. I'm glad you have this option. May it be the magic bullet for you!

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Very interesting....sounds good! Let us know how everything goes.
Best Wishes,

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Hi Debra -

It is so good to hear from you. I remember looking into Sir Spheres (it sounds promising). (I was actually evaluated for something else, involving heat activated, liposome encapsulated doxyrubicin combined with RFA). But the spheres look interesting, nevertheless.

This SIRT treatment sounds promising. I wish you all the best with it and will be thinking of you.

Take care and keep up the fight! We are all in this together.


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Wish we had the option of Sir Sheres in Canada..I wish for great results for you.

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You might contact Dr. Laura Dawson in Canada. I think she is conducting some trials with "the little magic beads." I'm not sure if they are theraspheres or sir-spheres. Her email address is laura.dawson@rmp.uhn.on.ca. I had sir-spheres in January, 2005 with great success. Good luck, Suzanne

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