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Catching Colds - good or bad?

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone else gets nervous when they get colds. I just got my first one since finishing treatment last spring. It worries me because I know that gettting a cold is a sign that your immune system is overwhelmed. And cancer is held at bay or eliminated by our immune system by my understanding.

But actually I was also talking to a nurse practicioner who was saying that getting sick can actually invigorate and challenge our immune system to be stronger. Kind of like how its better to expose kids to some germs when they are young.

Wondering if anyone has thoughts or knowledge about this.

Thanks : )

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Hi there -
So funny that you mention colds 'cuz I am just recovering from one and I did worry. Thankfully, it was quick; and I think the immune boosters I have in the cupboard really helped.
At one point, I realized that I had been under a lot of stress finishing a semester (back in grad school) and working out a lot. Who knows how we really pick things up anyway...we are all over the place - touching and beathing everything!
Oddly, I think the tylenol-cold that I took made it worse, not better. I was happier to just load up on a few supplements, eat really well and force myself to slow down and take it easy...I actually enjoyed it once I let myself! Guess we can get used to rushing around this time of year and forget to listen to our body - until it makes us.
Thanks again for an honest post...I sure had those fearful cancer thoughts when my sinuses were so full and painful that I wished they would just explode...
Hope you are feeling well very soon, and Happy Holidays!! All the best - Maura

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Never thought about it that way. I always thought that if you were exposed to a cold virus you were doomed to get it (unless you had that same cold virus in the past)....and during chemo or a weakened state you would get it worse or if you were strong and healthy it would just be a regular cold and take its course.
I'm curious to see others thoughts.

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I have found a really good natural, easy and inexpensive way to treat sinus issues and colds. Saline sprays!!!!! Zicam is an expensive brand of it if you have seen their commercials (cost around $12 at my local grocery)but I paid $5 for another brand that has a large and small bottle that will last me years.

I came home to a cold after the recent Colon Palooza and just wasn't kicking it. I did the spray 3 days and it was gone!!!!!! I know find myself using it after being around sick people and will drink airborne. I have only had one cold (the one I just had) in almost 2 years and hate it when I do.

I agree with Maura, great topic!!!

Lisa P.

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This is a great topic. I was actually wondering this myself. Every fall, my dad gets a cold (usually around the end of September/early October). Well this year, he didn't get that cold despite only being off of chemo for a month. Now, I think that he is getting one and am a little worried that his immune system isn't working like it should be. I also thought about the fact that the immune system is what fights off the cancer, so if you get a cold or flu, does that mean that your immune system is in a weakend state and isn't fighting off the cancer?


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