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I have a stomach tumor and cancer. After several rounds of chemo the pet showed no signs of cancer. However, the tumor remains. The Surgeon prescribed radiation and then partial or complete gastrectomy. I've just finished the radiation and remaining chemo. I now have to wait 4 weeks for a pet and ct before speaking with the surgeon again. I am very apprehensive about the possibility of complete gastrectomy. The partial doesnt seem to bother me nearly as much. I guess I'm just trying to find someone that has already gone through this to get their perspective. This is my first post here or anywhere concerning this.

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I had 1/2 my stomach removed it was 1 year in Nov. I'm doing great now. I have read in past postings of people who have had total gastrectomy. Have you been in contact will any of them yet? Stay positive -- it's so important and God Bless

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I had half of stomach removed just under a year. I'm doing great. However, I do avoid grease food, sugar, salty, and large amounts. Other than that I'm doing good. I wish you all my best. Myboys

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Hi, My dad is aged 69 and had a total gastrectomy in August 2006 as treatment for stomach cancer. We were extremely apprehensive and worried before the operation . He had 3 months ecf chemo then the operation. I have to say all our fears were unecessary. He had no complications or excess pain. He was in hospital for 2 weeks recovery until he could eat a little. He resumed another 3 months chemotherapy 4 weeks after the op. He is now eating small meals with no problems at all apart from the fact that he gets full very quickly and has a lot of flatulence ! He even had a couple of beers at Christmas. Oh, he lost about 3 stone but was slightly overweight before the treatment. I used this site a lot last year during my dads treatment and found it comforting and helpful. I promised myself I would revisit once his treatment was complete in order to share our experience and hopefully help others.I wish you lots of luck with your treatment.

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I had complete gastrectomy and 5 months of intensive chemo. I lost some weight, and don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy, but surely worth it. I eat many times daily, no sugar, I am now maintaining my weight and I am 21 months post diagnosis. Surgery was March 2005 and chemo was done Oct. 2005. I can't eat and drink at the same time, but I got used to that along with the no sugar. I am very much alive and well after being told to get my afairs in order. I am never hungry so I eat because I should. I have trouble absorbing, and must have vitamin shots every other week but I am not complaining, just reporting. This from a very rare stage 2 gastric carcinoma. I hope this helps. It took me a while to feel like myself, but I finally do. If I had to do it over again, I would. Good luck and I will pray for you!!!!

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We are in the process of trying to decide whether or not to do this surgery. I am happy to hear that you are doing well.
My mother is a strong 70 year old and is understandable very concerned about both the surgery as well as what is life like afterwards.

How long did it take you to recover from the surgery? And then how long until you felt like yourself again. Also what are your food restrictions (why no sugar?). Do you feel like you have strenght?
I would appreciate any thoughts! Thank you!!

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I had complete gastrectomy and 4 kinds of chemo with 25 sessions of radiation containing 4 zaps each visit. For one of those chemos, I wore a pump for 6 weeks. I lost from 118 down to my 80s, but have since gained back to 101. A total gastrectomy spared my life so I don't complain. (They also took out my spleen, gall bladder, omentum and tons of lymph nodes.) I usually don't drink with my meals so I can hold more food. I should eat small meals but I usually eat along with my family... like a pig. Usually sugar doesn't bother me but I cannot tolerate syrup; I'm careful not to eat hot peppers and tons of spices. I used to guard against green leafy vegetables but now I chew well and eat them sparingly. Although I look forward to mealtime, I am never hungry but I'm ready to eat because I know I need the nutrition. I take a B-12 shot monthly and 2 chewable multi-purpose Flintstone vitamins daily. This all was from having Linitus plastica which had NOT gotten into my lymph nodes. It took me a long while to recover from the surgery and subsequently the bombardment of chemo and radiation; however, I feel like myself again. During treatment, I went to the Cancer Institute sometimes daily even on the weekends because my potassium would be low or I would need additional fluids. That support from the medical profession, my son's daily phone calls and flowers, and my Mom being right beside me telling me daily that we had to "go get well" made a huge difference in my recovery. I had the BEST surgeon and oncologist, God's right-men actually. I went to physical therapy to try to regain some strength afterwards and I don't believe I will ever regain the stamina I once had but I also have take into account that I am aging, too. If I had to do it over again, I would look forward to ridding myself of the cancer; the day before surgery doing all of the pre-surgery clean out, I told my cancer cells to all go get back in my stomach because they are taking you out tomorrow! I praise the Lord for allowing that to happen. I have a few discomforts that I could share but nothing to concern yourself about. My blood work was excellent at my 4 1/2 year check-up; if I'm doing as well at 5 years the oncologist is going to call me "well." Being a female, I also take Viactiv for my calcium source... 3 per day. I hope this post affords you some comfort. Good luck and may God richly bless you!

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my father was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer, linitus plastica type It is inoperable. He is starting chemo in 2 weeks. Does anyone have experience with this type of cancer?

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My husband was diagnosed with linitis plastica Dec 2006. He underwent chemo and radiation followed by surgery to remove his entire stomach (plus spleen, 24 lymph nodes, 40% pancreas, 3 cm of esophagus) and then post-op chemo. I don't know how my husband's situation compares with your father's, but his initial prognosis was very bleak. It has been a very long, hard road, but he is currently cancer-free (stomach free too) and getting stronger daily. Best of luck to you and your family. If you have any questions about our experience, I would be happy to try to answer them.

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Hello all..just found this site...Here goes..
Mom is a strong 83 yr old with a kick-*** attitude, just diagnosed with Linitus Plastica which would involve complete stomach removal....She needs to decide by Monday...unfortunately don't have funds to travel to TX or NY but I think this AZ doctor team is excellent...Any feedback from a senior who has undergone stomach cancer surgery or not?
Thanks for any replies...

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hope to hear that your husband is still doing well.

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My husband was diagnosed with linitis plastica in Apr 2009 and he has had 2 chemo treatments so far. We believe they may do surgery after the 3rd chemo treatment, but we're not sure. They are scheduling another endoscopy after the 3rd treatment to look around. Can you tell me how many chemo treatments your husband had before surgery and how many after surgery. Our PET scan showed that the cancer had not spread to nodes or other organs. Also what chemo did he take? I hope everything is going well for you and I appreciate any info or advice that you have.

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Hi My Mom ( 79 years young) was diagnosed with gastric cancer in Feb, has since undergone 4 chemo treatments and both the Oncologist and Surgeon have said she has responded amazingly to the chemo so they are recommending a total gastrectomy. They really think she has a great chance of getting rid of the cancer. My mom is very worried about undergoing this big surgery.
She was hoping someone could tell her what life is really like after this procedure

How long was the recovery?
What does it feel like to eat if you have no stomach ?
How bad is the diarrhea ?
Is there anything that you use to do that you cannot do anymore ? like take dogs on a walk, go shopping, .....she loves to volunteer at the hospital a couple hrs a week so do you regain your energy enough to go out and about ?

Are you glad you did the surgery? would you do it again ?
Anything you are willing to share with us would no doubt be helpful and appreciated !!
Thank you !!!

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Hello. thank you for your post. i hope that you are still doing great. my sister in law had her surgery four weeks ago. she started out the same weight as you and has now lost a lot of weight due to the fact that she can't eat so much. she is having severe pains in the abdomin and back. can't seem to stand straight. her intestines are constricted and can't seem to get it to work properly from beginning to end. she has been living on pain meds to maintain the pain but the doctors don't seem to have a solution for her. no diet recommandation was given and she feels like she is going to starve to death more than the stomach cancer. she starts to radiation tomorrow. any thoughts would be appreciated.
God Bless and love, Jen

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