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Hello everyone. Got the news this morning my petscan was clear. THANK GOD AND EVERYONE'S PRAYERS. I had that kyphoplasty done for the compression fractures on my spine. Turns out I have 3 compression fractures. I got home late last night from the hospital. UPon being discharged My right foot blew up. So now I had to have a doppler done on my legs. Sure enough blood
clots. I now have to go back on anti-coagulant injections for about 6 months. I had this when I had the colon cancer and complications from surgery. I was inactive for 3 months. The good news is nothing showed up about the lymph nodes. My back is a slow recovery. I am home recuperating. Thank you for all your prayers. Love all of you. And support each and every one who has to go thru this roller coaster.
Merry Christmas. Love Fran

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Dear Fran,

That is the best Christmas present ever. I am so happy to hear about this good news. I have been thinking about you all week and praying.



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I have been thinking about you all week, too. I am so glad to hear the good news. Enjoy your holidays!!
God Bless-

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Hi Fran,

You have been in my thoughts constantly. Glad to hear things went well. Thank God you r PET was clear, that is great news. Hope you enjoy your Christmas. I will be thinking of you.


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G'day Fran,gigantic hugs mate,it's all just speed bumps on the road of life darlin ,unfortunately at the moment you seem to be in a school zone so there is lots more of them. Wishing you a happy ,healthy ,painfree Christmas,you sure deserve it. Ron.

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So happy you could get this done before the holidays and get such great results. Sigh! Maybe you can now take a deep breath and know that once your back has healed you will be back to our new normal. Thank you, God! jams

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WOW what a present!!!!!! Fran, you rest up and take care of yourself. We need the supporter Fran here, not the worried FRANTIC one (heh heh).

I bet you slept good last night and will for a while. ENJOY!!!!!

Happy Holidays,

Lisa P.

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Hi Fran -

This is wonderful news! Merry Christmas! Hopefully you can take time to heal those fractures and put this cancer stuff on the back burner for a while.

Best wishes,

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What great news.. and what a good Christmas gift!! I have been praying for you.. I knew you would be just fine.. take care of yourself.. and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy.. CANCER FREE... New Year!


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GREAT NEWS!!!! Try and relax over the holidays.

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Fran - what wonderful news!!! You just concentrate on feeling better and have a wonderful Christmas! Monica

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I wasn't watching for a few days and missed your post. That is great news. Now recover from the back surgery and hopefully you will feel alot better. That certainly makes Christmas a happier time.

Your friend, Dick

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