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Need good doctor in Los Angeles

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I'm trying to find the best doctor I can for Mark, someone who specializes in rectal cancer stage IV patients. I've spoken with Cancer of Hope. They want $1050 (NOT including labs or scans) and have a long waiting list. UCLA never called me back - they had an answering machine at their "new patient hotline."

I'm looking for a great doctor for yet another opinion, not necessarily a fancy hospital. Seems if they wanted to help people they wouldn't charge such exorbitant prices for a consultation. Looking forward to your posts. Thanks!

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I have a friend who goes here for oncology; http://www.premiereoncology.com/po/.
I am stage 4 and go to stanford. I looked into both City of Hope and Dr Economo (sp?) at UCLA. I know its hard getting into the system but once you are in, then things get going. Dr Bilchick at John Wayne cancer Center is an aggressive surgeon. Hope this helps.

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Kathryn -

You might check out Hoage Hospital - they are one of the nation's leading cancer centers.

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You might want to contact Dr. Heinz-Josef Lenz at USC. I do not know what their charges are, but he is an excellent oncologist. Good luck to you.

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lots of good docs at City Of Hope..and I didn't know they had waiting lists..you might check out their trials. They are a center with federal funds, and more options than most.

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