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Caretaker Intro

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Hi everyone. I've stopped in the chats a few times but this is my first post. My 53 yr old sister was diagnosed in Nov 06 with stage IV CRC with multiple mets to the liver, and spots on the lungs. Surgery is not a current option. The cell type in the liver is not consistent with the CRC, indicating there might be a different scenario, but she began therapy with Avastin, 5FU and Oxaliplatin Thanksgiving week. She'll be scanned after every third treatment. Weakness and inability to eat have been a problem, so she began prednisone around Dec 1. She is now eating, but is still ultra weak.

I wanted you all to know how helpful your posts have been.


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Welcome to this site. We are all sorry that you had to be here. My husband is stage 4 and has mets to the liver. He is taking the same chemo as your sister. At first, his desire to eat was not good around treatment time. I decided to feed him anything he thought that he could eat. Weird, but many times it was spicy stuff like canned ravelio(sp) or spaghetti. I decided calories are calories. Eventually, the eating got better. Maybe he learned to eat even with the bad metal taste.

Please come here often. You will find so much information and encouragement here. We will keep you and your sister in our prayers.


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Hi Mosue: Betty is right. It may be just a matter of finding the foods that your sister likes. For example, whenever I go for chemo, I take a salami, mortadella, prosciutto and cheese sandwich. I know, totally against the nutritional diet recommended, but it gets me through the day. Aside from that, I found that warm, 'wet' foods really worked for me with Oxaliplatin. Soups, stews, anything with a sauce. Your sister will probably regain her strength as she starts to eat more. Monica

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Hi Mosue-

Welcome to the board. I am a caretaker for a Stave IV semicolon as well. My husband is on the same chemo regime. It can be tough but we're hoping for significant improvement. As far as the eating goes, try for tasty, calorie dense foods. We were doing smoothies until the Oxaliplatin kicked in. Now we do a lot of stew, soup, and macaroni and cheese, and oatmeal. Keep visiting this board because the stories are so inspiring! Good luck to you and your sister.


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Hi Mosue,

I'm only a stage 3 but wanted to chime in. I agree with the others. As I continued my treatments I found that I had problems tasting things. The only things I could taste were spicy like speghetti sauce and sweet (very not good for you). Also salty things like pretzels and chips (of course only the flaxseed and good for you kind. LOL) Tell your sister welcome to our great family and you are welcome also. I will say that the weakness will be a problem. I found that eating a lot of good protein and fruit helped me. Also getting out of the house would help only because you tend to get depressed sitting at home feeling crappy. I tried to keep a little busy. HUGS to you and sis!

Lisa F.

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