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"stable" need feedback and advice

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Hi !!!
Got my ct scan results today (first one after 2 months of chemo ). Nurse told me over the phone that my to spots on the lymph nodes are "stable" not bigger, not smaller...Have Dr. appt on Wed. Any of you have been on this situationn ? What did your Dr. adviced ?Can they start getting smaller later on the treatment? Can surgery be an option ? ( this is what I'm hoping for )For the ones that do not remember my casa I was DX back in 1/05 with stage IV CC.Finished 6 months of chemo. Then NED..then breast cancer (stage 1) I was in remission for a year and and 2 months ago came I had a recurrance on the Psoas muscle ( 2 spots)Thanks God I have been feeling great with this chemo..NO nauseas or vomiting what so ever.....
Please Advice !!!

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OK, I pass the crown to you!!! So much chemo, so little time...sigh

I can't help on the nodes...the only one of mine that did anything was classified "interested". With an 'ed'....STILL cracks me up....

WOW! Does SOMEONE want to do a STUDY on women with CRC who develop Breast CA?????? PULEEEEEEZE????

Hugs, Kathi

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Ileana -

Just a thought... if the spots are "dead" or not cancerous to begin with, they wouldn't get bigger or necessarily get smaller. Have you had a PET scan to see if there is uptake?

- Sponge

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they did a biopsy..and it was cancer... :)))))

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I don't have any great answers, but am interested as my husband has 3 pelvic recurrences one of which margins are on the psoas muscle. He is on IFL w/Avastin but has only had 3 treatments so far.

I know they say stable is good, but it doesn't sound like good news to me. If we don't see good results with this chemo, I hope to get him to seriously consult with a facility/Doctor about IPHC (Intra-peritoneal hypothermic chemotherapy?)for his pelvic masses. I don't know if this is truly an option, but just feel that it would be worth talking to someone about.


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