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Common cold and chemo

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This may sound like a silly question, but my little angel gave me a lovely cold, and I'm wondering what the protocol is with chemo. I'm supposed to do a chemo round this Thursday. I assume they would look at the blood work and whether there is any fever, or do they just postpone automatically?

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I'm not sure. I was exposed to colds a few times but never got them. It would likely depend upon how sick it makes you and what your blood counts are. It may actually raise your white count although viral infections sometimes depress the count. Try to fight it off by getting extra sleep and I think some extra Vit C helps as well. When I am getting a cold I take about 2000 mg of Vit C a day. You really don't have to worry about getting too much Vit C as it just goes out in the urine. But call your onc tomorrow to find out the recommendations.


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They will probably give you your chemo unless your WBC counts are too low (or high..not sure which way it goes)
At least thats what happens with my dad. He has had a few bad colds that took longer than normal to "kick" because his immune system was so low from the chemo. You have to be very careful....a common cold can also turn into pneumonia or something harder to kick.
But even when he was sick a few times he still got his chemo although I think that made the cold last longer.
Good Luck,

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