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hello semi's going for surgery

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good evening all your awesome semi's.
well i am finally going in for the hernia repair surgery. it has gotten quite large(basketball size). i am a little nervous but looking forward to it.
i found this wonderful site on 6/04 after having emergency colon cancer surgery. i have been blessed so far (ned). i am having some problems like we all have faced financial,work,family. keep up the fight semi's. i go in on wednesday so maybe you all could send some positive vibes..please..
be well
never,ever give up!!!!

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Good luck on your surgery. Let us know how it goes. I suspect that someday I may need that as well. The surgeon said never to lift more than 10-15 pounds but I found that difficult to do and to enjoy my life.


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We've got you covered!! Lots of prayerful thoughts and good vibes are coming your way. Let us know how you do.


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Aw, Bruce...you got it, major strong, good vibes sending your way! I will ramp it up on Wednesday!

You always reply to my posts with such strength and positive attitude...I'm SURE you will do FINE with the surgery!!!


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Hey, Bruce, my MIL just had a hernia repair loast week and she wished she could have done it sooner. She is feeling as lot of relief and I pray the same for you! Her hernia was a result of her quadruple bypass surgery she had the same week I had my colon resection. But she is eoing much better now! I['ll be praying Wednesday!

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I'm with you buddy!!!!!!! We've been at this together for awhile and have to stick together.

Basketball size, lordy think of your weight loss. Now doesn't that sound just like something a woman would say!!!!! Sorry.

Please keep us posted as you get back up and about.

Cyber hugs,
Lisa P.

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Bruce, my thoughts, positive vibes and prayers are with you. Virginia from down under.

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I will say a pray for you right now. "God, please watch over Bruce as he undergoes surgery this Wednesday. Lay your hand on him and bring him through, Amen.


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Good Luck Bruce. I as well as the rest will have you in our prayers.


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