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Hi everyone. Sorry I have not gotten back in a while. I am still in terrible pain. I now have another compression fracture at L1 which is extremely painful. The orthopedic spinal surgeon who I just met while I was in the hospital states
he now wants me to have a biopsy of the L1 as opposed to the T8 compression fracture. I had another x-ray done of the lumbar area in the reputable place I was referred to. It showed a fracture in the L1 of the vertabrae and a bone shift in the L5. The orthopedic surgeon could not believe that I had these fractures after discharged from the hospital. He asked to see the X-rays himself and his brother who are partners as spine surgeons both looked at the xrays and stated that the radioligist read the L5 area backwards. There is nothing wrong with the L5 only the fracture in the L1. So now he wants to biopsy the L1 as to what is causing these fractures. he is looking for myleoma. My oncoligist told him I do not have that because I have been having bone marrow biopies for the anemia. Now I am scared.
My oncoligist feels it is all due to osteoporosis.
I am now scheduled to have another MRI of the lumbar area tomorrow. It is so painful. I am very weepy and depressed. This is very debiltaing. This will delay my surgery to have the rest of my colon and rectum taken out. I am on pain killers which I have lost 10 #. Sorry to vent. The orthopedic surgeon wants to make sure they do this needle guided biopsy to determine the cause of the fractures before fixing the compression fractures.
I am currently out of work and cry every day. I feel I will not get better. I cannot believe this.
Sorry to vent.

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What can I say mate ,if I could take your pain I would,hugs Ron.

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Don't be sorry to vent it breaks my heart, to see for how much you are going through, I wish I had a magic pill to make you feel better, the only thing I can offer you are my prayers, and from now on you will be in everyone of them, don't loose your hope,we have so many sucsses stories on this site.Sending you lots of hugs

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I am new to the group, but my hubby has cancer and I have a whole life of back problems, including surgery. Yes, it hurts a lot and, as with cancer, only when u get it you know what it is like. You can cry and vent with me.. I feel like doing the same sometimes... Take it one day at a time and do only what you are able to...

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I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. I will pray for you too. It is so hard not to be depressed when you feel rotten. If the docs can stop the pain, then I know you will feel better about everything. jams

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Oh, dear, fragile soul! I can only imagine the pain...I messed up my back Thursday, all I had done was twist some muscles, but the pain took my breath away!!!

I don't have anything to offer except for a strong shoulder and a warm heart....


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Oh my Fran,
that is terrible... I don't know what to say.. All I can do is pray for you.. I hope everything works out for the best. You are a strong person, and have been thru so much.. don't give up now. I know you are in a lot of pain, and I wish I could make it go away. Please keep your faith in the good Lord, and he will help you.

Your friend in PA

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fran i am so sorry to hear about these new issues you are going through. keep your head up and your faith strong. i know things may seem impossible right now but i assure you it will get better.i wish i knew what to say to help you with your pain. please dont give up on yourself, i will be praying for you daily.
dont give up on yourself
hugs lynn

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Dear Fran,

So sorry to hear about your continued troubles. Don't lose hope. Are they doing anything to try to control it. Perhaps they could give you a steady but tolerable morphine drip through a port. There also are some blocking techniques they can do in the spine. I agree that they need to do a biopsy. It likely is osteoporosis but one needs to be sure.
I will keep praying for your relief from the pain and clearing of your medical problems.

Your friend, Dick

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back pain is the worst...I have lived with it all my life, and just had surgery, which helped.
It really sounds like you need a 2nd opinion, and possibly some intervention to sort out priorities..social workers can be very helpful with resources.

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I am sorry that you are going through all this pain right now and wish I could help. Remember, GOD does not give us what we cannot handle.

I am thinking positive for you and when the biospy is done there will be no bad news.

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I am so sorry that you have to deal with this pain on top of your diagnosis. I Hope your docs are working with you to get the best combination of meds to deal with this pain. If they are unable to I would consider asking them if there is a pain management specialist that you can see.
My prayers are with you.

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I'm so sorry you are still in so much pain. It seems that your doctors are trying to keep your best interests at heart. I wish they could take the pain away until they get the problems analyzed and fixed. I would also say take it a day at a time (easier said then done at times). I think they just want to be sure nothing else is wrong. I hope you have help around the house so you don't make the pain any worse. Major HUGS coming your way and I will keep you in my thoughts.

Lisa F.

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